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Re: Star Trek
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Been slowly working my way through Seasons 1 & 2 of Voyager, and have now started Season 3, so I'm now passed the point in the show where I originally stopped watching it (which was Basics - Part 1, the Season 2 finale).

In general, I thought Season 1 was very similar to the much-maligned Enterprise Season 1: fine on its own merits. The characters still have a bit of edge to them, and there's some good character work. It's also surprisingly short at 16 episodes. I'm guessing Voyager was a mid-season replacement, because all the other seasons are standard Trek length.

Season 2 is where I started skipping or fast-forwarding through episodes, because oh my fucking god there are some boring and terrible episodes this season. And a good many of them prominently feature Neelix. I feel sorry for Ethan Phillips, because I know he CAN act and he CAN have good episodes like Season 1's "Jetrel". He's just saddled with this insufferable jealousy routine as part of the even-more-insufferable Paris/Kes/Neelix love triangle.

Season 2 features some of the worst episodes of Trek ever filmed, and that's saying something when we have Seasons 1 & 2 of TNG and Season 3 of TOS: the infamous "Threshold" (where Paris invents an engine that can go infinite speed, leading to him mutating into a salamander and fucking a mutated Janeway), "Elogium" (Kes goes into heat, a prelude to an equally-bad Enterprise episode with the same premise), and "Innocence" (which is both boring and incredibly stupid).

On the other hand, it also has some fantastic episodes like "Death Wish" (where Voyager finds a Q who wants to die, but John DeLancie Q shows up to try to stop it) and"The Thaw" (where the cast finds a family of colonists trapped in a computer world run by an incarnation of Fear). It also features the first actual multi-episode story arc with the Kazon, even if it does end in a rather anticlimatic fashion.

Overall, Voyager Season 2 reminds me a lot of TNG Season 2: a few great episodes, a few awful episodes, and a lot of bland episodes.

Then Season 3 starts off with "Flashback", which just pissed me off since Star Trek 6 is one of my favorite Trek movies and the episode keeps playing "Keep away" with the Star Trek 6 re-enactments in favor of a truly awful and nonsensical Voyager plot.
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