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Lance Reddick is simultaneously an incredibly boring choice to play Wesker...and hilariously miscast as Wesker, depending on which Wesker he's playing.

If he's playing Resident Evil 1-era Wesker, he's fine, but a rather predictable choice. If he's playing scenery-chewing, line-slurring RE5-era Wesker, then OH BOY is he NOT the actor to play him. We need to get Nic Cage on the phone, then.  ;)

Honestly, I don't have a lot of hopes for this adaptation. Resident Evil hasn't exactly had a good history with even the official animated movies, let alone those...other...movies. Add in the coin flip that is the Netflix adaptation, and I just don't see this turning out well.

Surprised no one's commented on this yet, so I might as well post it, but Netflix has officially confirmed that Castlevania spin-off that's been rumored.

The Next Castlevania animated series is going to be an adaptation of Rondo of Blood, featuring Richter Belmont & Maria Renard. Given that Symphony of the Night is a direct sequel to that game, it's very likely that Alucard will be returning for that show as well.

Amusingly, the show is set in 1792 during the French Revolution, and Richter is (in the original version of the tweet) now the the Son of Trevor & Sypha. I wonder if anyone on the script-writing team got pulled aside to explain how long humans tend to live, considering that Castlevania Season 4 takes place 300 years prior.

I mean, I’ll watch it, but my collective disappointment in Season 4 leaves me less excited. Like I can wait for this. I’ll probably forget it exists then maybe I’ll get hyped once a trailer is released. How do they drop the ball so entirely? Not nearly Game of Thrones bad. The end of Trevor’s arc felt like a thing that merely happened.

I enjoyed S4 a lot. Sure, some of it felt off, almost like it was rushed. Belmont's obsession with the trinkets didn't make sense until the end when he put them together and the pregnancy was not hinted at before then that I saw, but it was still an enjoyable ending and final fight.

Also thought it was funny how basically three major series deaths were undone in the epilogue( Belmont, Dracula, Dracula's wife...blanked on name). Nice for future content I am sure, but I would have been fine with Belmont staying dead since his line carried on.

Its a weird change to remove a 300 year jump but it might be because of deals with the voice actors? I have seen some shows do that with their film adaptations because of a belief that they now have fans of the characters and don't want to reset that following/fandom with an all new cast (The ill-fated Shannara show comes to mind as one example). I'm not huge on Castlevania lore so I'm not sure how detrimental the lack of a time jump would be for the next story. But there's time for them to change their mind on some of these details if they go back to a major time jump. Could also be a disconnect between marketing and writers, and they meant 'descendants' unless there is more confirmation elsewhere.

It was far better than S3 and the animation was phenomenal.


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