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All Things Netflix! Now you can watch on the GO, no mobile data needed.

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--- Quote from: Morari on September 19, 2011, 03:57:59 PM ---True enough, I suppose.

I'm pretty sure that I'd care if the service died however. I don't subscribe to any sort of television service and am too far out for over-the-air signals. I rarely ever purchase films or video games due to the high costs. Netflix is the only avenue of dedicate entertainment that I have. I would certainly care if it ceased to exist, especially after being a very happy customer for about six years now.

As it stands, this doesn't effect me much at the present time. I dumped the streaming content the second they split it up due to the twice increased cost. I'll just have to put up with a really dumb sounding new name. From my perspective though, it seems pretty clear that this is the first step in phasing out the disc-based side of the business. That is the problem... or will be.

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Then you be caring about the company going away not the name and split.  I'm in the same boat as you but, I can get some over the air.  We use the disc and streaming at my house.  Ironically the price didn't change that much if you had the bigger plan already.

I don't like how they are separating the infrastructure for the simple reason that the rating and recommendations really are the best feature and without the data pool of the rented DVD's.  My biggest fear is them tiering the Streaming service like *drumroll* Cable.  That would cause me to drop it and go to the Jolly ranger relatively quickly.

I care about the split in that it seems highly contrary to providing good customer service. Not only will it pose problems for the interface and billing, but also the casual usage of one method over the other. In regards to my personal situation though? No, it doesn't effect me... yet.

I had the "3 discs at a time, unlimited streaming" plan. It just about doubled in price when they split the two services up. Additionally, they had just raised the prices on all of the plans not too long before that.

All streaming content will go toward tired pricing sooner or later. The internet as a whole edges closer and closer to being a passive "television-like" service every day. The cable companies are doing all that they can to kill or pervert services like Netflix. It's a problem that isn't easily solved, as most of the content distributors are also the creators. Obviously it would help to have true net neutrality and real competition amongst internet providers and media distribution channels though.

Really, You must have had a better rate then me because I have the exact same plan and its about a $5 hike.

I really see Netflix plummeting to earth after all these terrible decisions, even the CEO seems clueless as to what he is doing. He is a CEO that only listens to those who praise him (just look at the Netflix blog), and ignores those who criticize his or his company's decisions, that usually is not a good sign when it comes to a company's future success. The price hike, now splitting the brand up with no communication between them on a customer level is stupid.


--- Quote from: GoldenPhoenix on September 19, 2011, 05:36:18 PM ---The price hike, and then another price hike a few months later, now splitting the brand up with no communication between them on a customer level is stupid.

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