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Episode 851: For Sale: Baby Hands, Never Worn and Gator-Skin Headwear


Jonathan Swift could never!http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/65652/episode-851-for-sale-baby-hands-never-worn-and-gator-skin-headwearWeek two of Jon's Sojourn kicks-off with New Business. James skips, but Guillaume and Greg have plenty to cover.Guillaume has some impressions of WarioWare: Move It!, but mostly he's been playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder and Castlevania Advance Collection.Greg is focused on the just-released remake of Super Mario RPG, but he saves some time for the just-updated F-Zero 99.After our regularly-scheduled 15 seconds of "Men of Leisure," it's time for Listener Mail. As always, your questions go here.Topics this week: a mysterious and haunting Kong rendering, the future of PlatinumGames, and the launch date of the next 3D Zelda.This is the Kong mentioned in the episode pic.twitter.com/1iU0ocLtVs— James Jones (@NWR_James) December 3, 2023
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Time is very much close on our next RetroActive, The 7th Guest. Post your thoughts on the forums or in the NWR Discord.Your doctor (me) recommends doing it in one sitting.

Little did we know that in seven days, ROBO-LINDERMAN will upon us.

None were prepared.


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