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Still making progress on Rayman (Origins on Wii and Challenge App on Wii U), SMG2 (got 241st star, didn't get the star coin).


Ghost and Goblins on Wii Arcade
My best result on one continue so far is level 5, but this morning i couldn't even get through level 3...

Tetris Axis on 3DS
Had two matches online, got my ass kicked. Apparently i even had one friend playing the same game at the same time, dammit Nintendo why couldn't you do proper invite system...

Gran Turismo 5.  I recently purchased a steering wheel and pedals, and lemme tell you, racing games with a wheel is so much better than with a controller.  Makes me wish I had the room to build one of those sim rigs that some guys have.  Never really understood how some people got so deep into these games, but now I'm beginning to understand.

Also, still picking away at Far Cry 3.  It seems I'm into the homestretch of the game's storyline.  So far, the game has been fantastic.  I'm really enjoying the predator/prey setup they have on the islands.  I recall scouting around an encampment, stalking among the bushes and trees.  Little did I know, I was being stalked by a komodo dragon(a good sound system/headphones are vital)!  It attacked me, so I made a run for the encampment and headed straight towards the nearest baddie.  As I approached, I changed course and headed back into the bushes.  The dragon kept going and engaged the baddies and took out most of the encampment on its own.  Emergent gameplay ftw!  Taking over the outposts is really the highlight of this game for me.  It's a lot of fun scouting out the environment and planning your moves ahead of time, and then having to improvise when the plan goes awry.

I checked out Defiance last night as part of the free weekend on Steam.  Seems like an OK MMO, I guess, but it felt dead.  I dunno, not really worth $50.

I'm really hoping once Project CARS drops on Wii U, that Logitech will put out a decent force feedback steering wheel/pedals set for the console. I can't wait to get my hands on that game.

Fable II - Was in the mood for a WRPG and the Sims so I decided to play the one game that adds them both together.
10000000- Nice little indie Puzzle RPG I got after watching the GiantBomb quick look.
Forza 3- Drive Club, Gran Tursimo 6, and Forza Fuve got me in the mood for a racer.

Currently playing Tales of Phantasiap (GBA ver.), and I'm finishing up the last bit of sidequests before I take on the final area/boss of the game. Really enjoying my play-through - so much so that I can't believe I missed out on this back during its original release. Battle mechanics are great, game controls really well, characters are decently fun, and the graphics are great for the GBA conversion.


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