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3rd Annual NWR Four on Four

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I rolled credits on Jak 3 on Saturday. This is the third and final game in the Jak and Daxter collection I played on PS3. The three games were originally on PS2 and remastered in HD (and 3D) for PS3. I mainly picked this collection up because they were developed by Naughty Dog (and in 3D). It is interesting to see how it changes from a fun platformer/collectathon to a GTA like in the first two games.

The first is by far my favorite but I liked the third game more than the second. Probably because the games were played a few years apart, I could not remember who any of these characters were, other than the eponymous Jak and Daxter. The trophy system is also strange in this game, and in the second one, in that you can easily get all but 3 trophies just playing through the main missions. There are two collectables, the metalhead skulls and precursor orbs. The skulls drop from defeated metalheads and are plentiful, however the precursor orbs are not easy to get. There are 600 and many come from some rather difficult challenges that I just didn't feel like attempting. So I currently have 51/600 leaving two additional trophies for collecting the rest (and the third is the platinum).

Game time was about 15 hours which was just right and the story wrapped up nicely. The 3D on this third game is really nice and better than the first two from what I remember. You can see the devs were ready for something more grown up here, but the jump from this to Uncharted is still a little shocking. I suppose I might come back to 100% the game eventually, but I would go back to the first two before that so it might be another ten years.

Anyway, that is 1 down and 3 to go for the 4 on four. Making good progress on SMG2 and Watch Dogs but I am not sure I will get all the photos I need for Chibi-Robo this month as one is an airplane.

I beat Super Mario Galaxy on Wii and found the 120 power stars in the main game. It was better than I remember, with some of the comet levels being really fun. There was some really good writing as well. This one level you are breaking chomp chomps and when you go speak to the worker robot, they say something like "if you have time for talking, then you have time for breaking chomp chomps". For some reason that was really funny to me.
I also forgot that Rosalina shows up in the game. I remember being upset that she was not a central character like in the first game, but she appears as an apparition when you die too many times on a level to offer you help. Then at the very end she appears briefly to reunite with the luma in your hat.
Now this might be me but I remember trying to find some of the green stars and just not having fun with it. So I gave up and considered the game done. This time around I stopped at the same point, but more out of being ready to play something else. Has anyone really enjoyed those green stars? Did you use a guide or have any trick to finding them?
I also beat Watch Dogs but will post about that later. For now, that is 2 down and 2 to go

As I mentioned above, I did beat Watch Dogs: Legion on PS5. I played the original on WiiU in June of last year and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the hacking through cameras for the recon aspect of missions. My biggest complaint was how the game made it difficult to play stealthily on missions, forcing you into gunfights. The story was okay but I was not crazy about the protagonist. Anyway, that experience being good and Ubisoft with deep discounts led me to picking up this game for about $15.
I am glad to report that Legion is an amazing game, improving so much on the original. It is the third game and I did not play the sequel so that may have contributed to my opinion. You get so much fun variety with game play. There are cool driving missions, flying drones, crawling drones, hacking puzzles, and lots of stealth/action missions. The hook for the game is that almost every NPC can be recruited to become a playable character. This lets you assemble a team of whichever people you like best. There are also some great collectibles and minigames. Since it is set in London you get lots of British accents and culture that I found very enjoyable, especially since I am watching Ted Lasso these days. Apparently British people love football, drinking, and darts  :D. I feel like a switch port would have run just as well as Immortals, but I doubt we will get one.
That is 3 on four for me and since the month is over that is all I will get. Chibi-robo is not an easy game to rush through. Some of these pictures are not things I have access to so I don't know if I will ever finish it. Well there is always next year. Hopefully others can report back on if they got around to four games or not. It is a surprisingly difficult challenge some months but it is always fun to try.

I also achieved 3 on 4.
Made some good progress on Xenoblade 3 but I've got anywhere between 25-100 hours to go.

Mario Galaxy 2
I played two of the green star mission then after that decided hell nah, that's going to be incredibly tedious. The green stars seem to be designed for kids in 2010 who had nothing else going on.

Overall I enjoyed the game. However since I've played the series out of order, the ideas appearing here for the first time didn't make much of an impact. Not really the fault of Galaxy 2 but the games that came after it.

The game has a surprisingly large amount of bosses. Lots of level variety, with both new and returning power ups. I don't think 3D Mario is 100% my cup of tea, but it was still a fun enough ride.

Luigi is way too slippery for me, so I eventually dropped him. Lastly I'd say that because of the green stars, the ending is kind of weird and anti-climactic.

Twilight Princess
I think this game is flawed.

There are some parts I enjoyed, sometimes the dungeons would set off a nice fuzzy feeling that you get when you're going through the motions, doing your internal dungeon solving algorithm. The dungeons are a lot more complex than Wind Waker, and the art style made them feel more like real spaces, rather than video game levels.

The reason I say the game is flawed is that it feels like you have a central gameplay strength (the dungeon puzzles), being held together by extremely flimsy connective tissue.

With the combat, while they do give you extra moves, it never really gets much more interesting than it is in the first dungeon. It's a means to an end.

The towns and overworld feel lacking in interesting NPCs, or side quests beyond collecting macguffins. Heart pieces diminish in their importance after you get enough of them and with the combat being so bland, there's not a huge need for them either.

Then the rest of the game is filled out with a shallow assortment of other gameplay types. Like horse combat, wolf combat, fishing, sumo, tears of light sections, herding goats, snowboarding, jousting, canoeing, chasing skull kid around the woods. They went for variety and succeeded, but these gameplay types aren't deep or even especially fun. It's there to pad the game out a bit before the next dungeon.

I agree with Neil's assessment on Connectivity. The game is dark, but not at all grounded. It's a goofball game and doesn't take itself seriously. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but it feels like a mismatch with what the audience would be anticipating.

Resident Evil 4 Original
So fun from start to finish. The combat is satisfying and there is real growth as you learn when and where to use all the weapons. The inventory system is constantly forcing you to make choices and it feels incredible when you decide to spend your money after saving up.

The game is still very playable with tank controls and holds up remarkably well for a 2005 game.

The story is very silly and Leon is a walking meme generator, but intentional or not, that doesn't matter. This game lives on the strength of its zombies and the guns you use to kill them, which are exceptional.

Well, I failed miserably. I made it rather far… in the wrong Picross. I’ve been chipping away at S7 and the later levels hurt my brain at times. I also put no work into Master Blaster thanks to Xenoblade 3’s DLC and just generally enjoying Harvestella much more.

Man, I tried popping in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and played about two levels before abandoning it. I just do not get the hype for that game, the cylindrical planetoids in particular irk me. But I just can’t stand the way the game feels in general and it doesn’t make me want to play any more.


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