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Undertale 2.0 a 2-year revisit.


Undertale 2.0
I re-visit Undertale after two years to see if it still hold’s up.
Note: the Fanbase doesn’t affect this review and no negativity because of the fanbase will be brought into this.
NoteNote: I’ll try to give as little spoilers as possible.
Undertale, a cult classic to say the least.
An independent one man team finished this game in 2015, with the help from a few friends. Released on Steam the game immediately blew up. You couldn’t go two feet without every man and his dog talking about it! I was one of those people. And in a very rare case the bandwagoning was actually good and bad for me. When I first played the game I got up too the first town and said, f*ck it! Another over-hyped game.
But a month later I was urged by a friend to complete the game. So I did. And my life is a lot better off with it in it. First of let’s start off with the negative things.
Undertale is a very good game. Fantastic actually. But is it perfect? Hell no! It is definitely game of the year for 2015. But to say it’s better than OoT, Skyrim and every other game is just wrong to put it blankly.
One of Undertale’s major criticism is it’s art. Some areas look amazing for 16-bit while others are well… *insert Danny Devito saying TRASH here*. But the black and white battle scenes gives it a large oomph in the art side, with each sprite being very well drawn.
Another flaw is backstory a lot of characters are missing it from Papyrus to Mettaton. The game is only 10-hours long and I feel a lot more could have been done with this characters. And not walls of text that are “hidden”. A lot of dialogue near the end of the game feels rushed in a final push to feel remorse at actions past or present.  Not saying this is a bad thing but it should have been fleshed out more.
If you’re a bad person (like me) and decide to commit genocide, the game becomes fricken boring. The constant grinding becomes a huge pain in the ass. And isn’t fun. Yes this is the point, to make you feel like a monster but most people would put down the controller and say **** it before they got to that message.
But Undertale does so many things right on so many levels.
1.       The Music, is hands down the best in any video game ever. And no I’m not exaggerating. IF you’re crazy enough to never play Undertale pick up the soundtrack it’s a beautiful mix of game, synth, rock, pop and jazz. The music of Undertale is better than Xenoblade, Zelda, Sonic and Pokemon combined. Everything about it is on point and sends you through emotional hell when playing the game. Despite being played fricken everywhere, Meglovania is still frickin amazing! so is Hopes and Dreams, Metal Crusher, Death by Glamour just to name a few.
2.       The Story, yes I said some backstorys were bad but as a whole? It’s a masterpiece. Every monster has a tale to tell and it’s your job to find them out. Over your adventure you get hints of something more and more sinister, and when you finally figure it out… R.I.P your heart. From the dilabolical Flowey from Sans the king of Puns to Undyne each character is written amazingly well and embodies a sense of curiosity. Throughout the Underground players will not be bored with nothing to do.
3.       Gameplay BUT JACOB! IT’S JUST AN INTERACTIVE BULLETHELL! No, it’s a lot more than that. The gameplay is similar to that of a bullethell but the story is genuinely heartwarmingly woven into fights and encounters. With even dodging or taking a hit can change the story. While the overworld can sometimes be bleak the art truly comes to live here. You can tell a lot about a monster from their sprite, hence giving you clues on how to spare them. And how Mercy works in the game is simply ingenious, so no I’m not explaining how it works, play the game yourself!
4.       The feels, most people like me will get bored at the start of the game, but if you persevere and continue you’ll slowly be drawn into the wonderfull world and when  your through with the 10 glorious hours, you’re left crazing more. Which in itself is a win on the developers part.
Like Earthbound, Undertale is lacking in the games department, but as a story? An experience? It’s well worth every cent. When a game is given to the pope, you know it’s good XD.
Coming back after 2 years and playing this again, just felt really good, even if the flaws are more apparent now. But you know what? These flaws are what make this game even better. And even charming in some ways.
Yes some of these would be seen as terrible in a video game, but Undertale isn’t a game, it’s an experience.
If you’re still hesitant about buying the game friend me on Steam I’ll buy it for you, yes it’s that good that I’m willing to pay $10 on everyone of you.
If you have played Undertale be sure to spam dem Skelton Puns!
If you haven’t, well if you do play Undertale give me your thoughts and your own heartthrobs.
Regards, Jacob

Well screw you guys for not reading it! :@

Nah, i just enjoyed playing this again. Nice to see some things don't stagnate with age.

undertale is weird for me because I play it and then this thing happens where I just in monotone go "I see what you're trying to do, game" in a monotone voice. I can't help but come at it with cynicism in my heart in the same way that I can't help but do so with the Mother games.

Maybe removed from all of it's hype is when I can finally enjoy this game.

All I learned from this review was that your name is Jacob.

Also, yes, it is ridiculous to lump games together into one singular category. Like movies, some attempt to achieve different things. But what Undertale strives to achieve is still a question to me. It wants to be an RPG but it doesn't want to be played like one. It wants to give people options but, as we know in video games in general, morality systems are often black and white. So what does it want? If it just wants to tell an interesting story, that's fine. Most games can do that in a single play through.

Pretty much like i said I don't see Undertale as a game like Earthbound, i see it as an experience.


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