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Apple is reportedly testing iPhones with USB-C

This would be great because I'm on a personal three-year upgrade cycle and 2023 is my next upgrade year.

2022 if Apple embraced USB-C for iPhones seven years ago:

I'm a little surprised they're not just dropping the port entirely. It's kind of weird how Apple is so willing to change ports and stuff on the Mac side of things, where they were an early adopter of USB-C, but they've dragged their feet on this.

They've been insanely resistant to this for so long. But now that they're not even including plugs with their phones, they've almost completely run out of excuses.

I'm personally trying to upgrade my phone this year, so the news that 2023 is the earliest is somewhat aggravating.

Recently snagged a new iPad Pro. I passed on last year's refresh as I was playing chicken with Apple on mini-LED on the 11" model as well as the rumored Apple Pencil 3rd Generation. Amazon had the 2nd Generation on sale for $90 (MSRP $129.99). If a new Apple Pencil was released, it'd be more expensive than the current one so I decided to finally pull the trigger.

Bought a screen protector that I immediately messed up. The adhesive was exposed for maybe two seconds, and I managed to get THREE hairs under it. I don't even... Screen protectors apparently affect drawing with the Apple Pencil so I will use that to feel better about the $21 I wasted.

Most reviews dunked on this year's refresh being largely a spec bump. I simply cannot understand that as valid criticism that every reviewer brought up. How many people upgrade every year? The last time I bought an iPad was in 2017, and I probably wouldn't have upgraded yet had I not busted the screen last year.

Anyway, Apple appears to have quietly delayed the M2 MacBook Pro refresh to March 2023. I'm planning to upgrade that too though so many expenditures weirdly landed in October. The delay will give me more time to save some money and credit card points. I'm still on the fence over 14" vs 16". insanolord, how's the 16" model? Is it too big? How does it compare to the old 15" model? I plan to take it places.

I did recently buy a Windows 11 laptop for my console hacking projects which likely won't leave the house often/ever. Let me tell you, friends, it has been a while since I felt this stupid futzing with modern electronics. Maybe a story for another thread.

The 16" model isn't that much bigger than my old 15" one, partially because the bezel's smaller so the bigger screen eats into that instead of expanding the whole unit that much. It doesn't feel that different to me. If you felt comfortable taking a 15" model places I think you'd be fine.

I'm tempted to buy a new iPad myself, as my current one is getting old, and more pressingly, running out of storage. I'm just not sure whether I want to upgrade that or my Apple Watch next.


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