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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant! Day 7 Semifinals are over!

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--- Quote ---so he might be pulling stuff out of his ass (which would explain why he's so quiet today hehe).
--- End quote ---

No, just busy with the first day of classes...

--- Quote ---If not spak just screwed us be revealing all the roles.
--- End quote ---

yep..... Well more himself than anyone else. seriously. Roles are meant to be a secret, especially in my games! What with everyone and their sudden urge to give Khush, Spak, and Maxi their roles on day 1. What could they possible be offering you guys, a quick death?

--- Quote ---Although not stated, I guess it would mean I could not be killed/kicked out of the game by the Pimps kidnapping me because I was actually a man.  Luckily that never came up...and perhaps Stevey decided to let me get caught by the mafia for that very reason.
--- End quote ---

It did, Vudu tried trice to get you too.

I'm dead because i was killed. That's the only reason.

I have not received the closure I require for this mafia game. =P

you're raped, hows that for closure ;)

vote for me

Pale:  Day 8 is last voting day.  See who wins.

Basically, if you want a traditional Mafia ending, it isn't here...but I will say that it most likely would have been a Townie win...special roles almost never win.

As for the big winner I am glad you were not impregnated by my are still in the running.


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