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The NWR Forums are back!
Please note that we are still in the transition process, so old messages will not be immediately available.  Don't worry, though; they'll be back ASAP. All old threads are back! Talkback will be returning shortly. Talkback is back and better than ever!
Since these forums are using different software, bbcodes are different.  Some of the finer details, such as custom smileys, the spoiler tag, etc. will be added in the future. Smileys and the spoiler tag are back!
Other features, such as the theme, are subject to change, but we just wanted to get the forums back up for you to use!
Post here if you run into trouble other than the aforementioned issues.

Even with me being an infrequent user of them. I'm very glad that the forums are back!! Well done on the quick work

Awesome. Excellent work. It's a cool forum.

NinGurl69 *huggles:
Ty, your forums SUCK


NinGurl69 *huggles:
hay guys, don't forget to increase avatar display size to 100x100

are we allowed to attach HAWTNESS?


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