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You've probably noticed the recent unreliability of the servers.  These problems should be a thing of the past!  We actually were already in the process of migrating to new servers when this happened, and so accelerated the process to get things working again.  We've got a new host, a new, very, very fast and capable server, and new software.  Because of all of these changes, there might be a few minor glitches in the site.  If you come across any, please let me know.  The domain name will settle down in the next day or two.  We're planning on doing some significant upgrades to NWR in the near future to take advantage of our new resources, including new forums, so stay tuned!

that Baby guy:
Alright!  How long ago did this happen?  A few times I've clicked on things in the forums, I've been taken to the whole website's main page, and I think the times are off today, as well, but I've already noticed the better speed.  Thanks!

Edit:  Yes, the time is off two hours from the time I have my profile set to, but only for posts from this afternoon.  My post says it was posted at 9:41, rather than 7:41, for example.  Also, I couldn't leave my profile without putting in a birth date, something that's never happened before.

NinGurl69 *huggles:
New forums?  Does that mean HIGH DEFINITION AVATARS?

Silly Pro, the Wii is not Hi-Def.

BTW, is it still Cold Fusion based? Is the forum database going to move over?

The new forums will not be CF based. The database will be converted manually.  I'm not going to worry about the timezone setting since the forums will soon be changed. The random links that take you to the wrong place are probably just something stuck in your cache and should settle down once the DNS update propagates across the internet.  


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