Author Topic: Fitness Boxing: Hatsune Miku To Be Localized By Aksys, Launching In Fall  (Read 455 times)

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The creator of Minecraft and Harry Potter steps into the ring. Somehow.

One of the year's most bizarre Japanese releases will be worldwide by the end of it.

Aksys Games has announced that they have picked up publishing rights for Fitness Boxing: Hatsune Miku, and will be bringing the game west in the fall. It launched in Japan on March 8.

In addition to 30 previous tracks from the Fitness Boxing series, 24 tracks - both newly created and existing - will be in the game to punch along to from the broader Miku universe. A "Miku Exercise" mode will be available alongside a couple of existing Fitness Boxing trainers.

Donald Theriault - News Editor, Nintendo World Report / 2016 Nintendo World Champion
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