Author Topic: Switch Loads Up At Latin American Games Showcase  (Read 372 times)

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Switch Loads Up At Latin American Games Showcase
« on: June 08, 2024, 10:33:51 AM »

Latin America putting a little ceylon, a little oregano, and a LOTTA spice into the Summer Game Mess.

Immediately following the Wholesome Direct, a showcase video aired for games developed by teams in Latin America - and as a two hour show, it was loaded with confirmed Switch titles.

  • Keylocker, a turn based/rhythm adventure game set in a world where music is illegal, will be out this summer.
  • Hidden In My Paradise, a hybrid of point-and-click adventures and photography games, is targeting Q3 2024.
  • Also promised for the summer quarter is Mark of the Deep, a pirate-themed isometric action game.
  • Sky Ocean: Wings for Hire will bring its combination of turn based dogfights and crew recruitment this summer.
  • In what might be the first ever action-based farm simulator with a combo system, Super Farming Boy will be harvested in the fourth quarter.
  • Card based RPG One Card, One Shot: Mafia will be available later this year.
  • 2D fighting game Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age added a new character and promised a 2024 release.
  • Match three puzzle game Super Crane HD will be out in 2024 with extensive multiplayer options including two players manipulating the same playfield.
  • Sidescrolling pixel art action game Eagle Night Paradox was shown for February launch, followed by hack and slasher Soul Quest in the fourth quarter of next year.
  • Retro styled action adventure Bittersweet Birthday will be out in early 2025.
  • Music-themed adventure game Project Timi: Sasha's Curse was shown with a second quarter of 2025 release window.
  • First-person shooter Extinction Rifts, which runs off a combo system that makes you stronger with each hit, was shown with a release window for next year.
  • Mighty Geese, a retro 2D sidescroller which bills itself as inexpensive, is slated to launch sometime in 2025.
  • Saborus will be out next year, in which you control a chicken who has to escape the very human employees of a slaughterhouse.
  • The developers of Cris Tales will be taking to Kickstarter shortly for their first title since in Prisma, a photography adventure game; if the campaign is successful the game is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2026.
  • Point and click adventure The Midnight Crimes was shown only with a "coming soon" window.
  • Also coming soon was The Cabbage Effect, a high speed shooter in an isometric view with multiple playable characters.
  • Turn based RPG Wander Stars was shown with no release date.
  • The show closed on Mariachi Legends, a sidescrolling action game with only a "TBA" date.
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