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"Salt and Sanctuary" is also a service provided by the NWR forums.

Four major independent titles have been announced for the Switch today, and three of them will be launching next Thursday.

  • Ska Studios announced today that their hit 2D RPG Salt and Sanctuary is coming to the Switch next week for US$14.99/C$19.99. A physical version of the game will follow this winter.
  • Joining S&S next week will be Joakim Sandberg's 2D exploration game Iconoclasts. It will be the most expensive of the three, coming in at US$19.99/C$24.99.
  • For those who prefer more relaxing games, Picross S2 also will be available next Thursday. No pricing is available for the game, but the previous Picross S game was US$7.99.
  • Coming later this fall is Surgeon Simulator: CPR, the Switch version of the smash hit PC game. Drop-in/drop-out co-op play and HD Rumble support to reflect the feel of the surgical tools will be available.
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