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Talk about a cool game, its for "The X" by the way, you are a kid who was raised in a circus and worked with the acrobats (where he gets his cool flippy moves from) and at the fortune tellers (Where he learns to harnest his psycic powers).  One day a group comes and takes you to a summer camp for training people with psycic powers(a very cheesy camp by the way).  You awake one morning to find out that everyones brains have been stolen.  To get then back you must(and this is what is cool right here) enter the minds of the mentally... ahem..... disturbed and play through there worst nightmares and paronias.  On top of that the visual style is very cool too, if you have ever seen anything by Jhonen Vasquez you will know what i mean.  He did Invader Zim, Squee, and Johnny: the Homicidal Maniac.  Check them out.  Anyway, i hope this has turned you on to the game, but by gamecube games first *wink wink.

I was interested in this when it was first announced

Then again... I was interested in Blinx too... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this unique game though .

This game looks and sounds great. Coming from Tim Schaefer you know it will at the very least have a great story.  


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