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What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?

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Thirty Flights of Loving (PC) Fun, short PC game, not much gameplay, but the story telling is fantastic. Made by the same guy who did Gravity Bone

Little Inferno (Wii U) Twisted, TWISTED puzzle game, enjoyed the ending.

Games I will probably never 100% complete but enjoy: Need For Speed U, Nano Assault Neo

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Turned out to be more entertaining than I expected from a port of a mobile phone game. I still need to finish up some of the post-game stuff though.

Castlevania: LOS, beautiful but deeply flawed in execution.

Trine 2, also a very good looking game with amazing art design, but the physics sucks.

I need to go back and finish Trine 2

I've been beating XCOM on a weekly basis for the last month. I can't stop!


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