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Mafia XXX:Winter HAWTNESS Pageant, staring the Pimp of pimps! Day 6 Crunch Time!

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Nuclear Speed you have been quite. Do you want to chat with me?

I`m going to sleep.Can't think if I don't sleep.See everybody in the Morn.



Here is why.

I started talking to vudu day 2 I told him my role, and he said we were on the same side.

Later talking to theFleece he said that townies did not receive a PM telling them their role.  I asked vudu to confirm this because I believed he was a townie.  He told me that he couldn't answer because he had a special role he didn't want to give up.  Understandable.

I found out he had to either be the Seducer or the Killer to have a role, because I knew all the others.  Later I found the to me Vudu had to be the Seducer one problem...Oohboy was killed recently as the Seducer...OOPS.

Vudu had to Pimp or Mafia.

More Evidence:

Maxi was captured by the Pimps, but was released while there was still a single Pimp alive.  This should not have happened, you don't just escape.  So what did that mean?  One of the people captured by the Mafia was a Pimp.  There were 3 people captured Spak-Spang, Khushrenda, and Vudu. 

Khushrenda is Dead...which left only Vudu.  Once Dasmos Pimp number 2 was killed and Vudu was still kidnapped by the Mafia Maxi was free. 

Also I  know who the Killer is...but out of respect for how much help the Killer has given the townies this game, I am not revealing the killers name today in public or PM...please do not ask me. 

Yes, it probably means I will be killed tonight and can't win the game, but oh well. 

Vote Vudu


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