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--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on June 10, 2021, 07:21:39 AM ---Isn't Bayo 1 and 2 on Switch or was that the Wii U in a dual pack?
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They’re on Switch. If you get the physical version, Bayonetta 1 is a download code. On Wii U, each game is on a separate disc.

--- Quote ---Also didn't Clover Studio turn into Platinum games?  Are we counting Viewtiful Joe, VJ2, VJ:Red Hot Rumble Double Trouble. Also Okami and God Hand under the Platinum Games umbrella?
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A few key people from Clover Studio founded SEEDS Inc. which merged with another company to form PlatinumGames. Okami and God Hand were both developed by Clover Studio. I thought Bayonetta was PlatinumGames’ first release. Apparently, it was Mad World.

Luigi Dude:
I actually own all the games listed except for Astral Chains, but I do plan on buying that one eventually when it's on sale.

Madworld:  It's an ok title but was not worth for full price I paid for it back in 2009.  The boss fights were fun but the normal combat got pretty repetitive after a while.

Infinite Space:  I own the game but still need to play it one of these days.

Bayonetta:  I'd say this is their best game I've played.  Lots of gameplay and enemy variety with a pretty deep combat system and amazing boss fights.

Bayonetta 2: Overall it is still a great game and I still loved it enough to 100%, but the combat is a step down from the first game.  This game pretty much requires you to use Witch Time and Umbran Climax to take down enemies, while the first game gave you a lot more options.  This made the 1st Bayo way more fun to replay, especially on the hardest settings.  Also the lack of Kamiya really shows since the end of the game doesn't even try to top what he did in the first game.  Say what you will about the man but he knows how to end his games and would not have allowed that sorry excuse for a final boss that Bayo 2 did.

The Wonderful 101:  This games had amazing highs but is way too bloated.  For one there's way too many shooting sections that are only used once and never again.  The problem is many of these sections are not very good and go on longer then they have any right too.  In Bayonetta there was at least some restraint where it was only 2 sections in the whole game, but here it's like every other part has to have at least one of these things.  Now the normal combat sections that make up the majority of the game are good, but even those go on way too long at times as well.

Of course speaking of the combat, the game has an amazing combat system that's the deepest I've ever played in an action game, but the game itself doesn't even remotely tell you how to properly use it.  My first time through the game was an awkward mess that I only kept going because of the amazing set pieces.  After I beat the game I then looked up some Youtube video's because I wanted to see how it was even possible to fight some of these bosses without taking damage and saw things being done that I didn't even know were possible.  I then replayed it on Hard mode and had a much better time and really loved it after that, but good God that is a terrible way to make people get good at your game.  It's like Kamiya made a game for himself and forgot to tell everyone else how to play it.

Getting these issues out of the way though, when the game is good though, it becomes HOLY **** INCREDIBLE.  The boss fights in particular once you've fully learn the combat system are literally the best in gaming.  The amount of depth and variety put into these is just mind blowing.  The final level in particular lives up to the hype and is literally the most epic ending to a game ever.  I said earlier the Bayonetta 1 is their best game, which I agree because it's the most balanced all the way through, but the highs in The Wonderful 101 completely destroy the highs of that game and literally most other games in general.  The only problem is all the bloat and filler, combined with so many not so fun shooting sections bring down the overall experience.

Star Fox Zero:  It's a decent remake of Star Fox 64 and I liked the controls for the most part, but they did get kind of annoying with some of the more challenging sections.  Also kind of annoying the amount of content they end up reusing at the end.  Star Fox 64 is still the better game to play since it's controls are better, has better variety of levels and more fun to replay in general.

Star Fox Guard:  Own it but still need to play it.

So overall I enjoy the games Platinum puts out.  This is why I still plan on buying Astral Chains in the near future and look forward to Bayonetta 3.  Just hopefully Bayo 3 takes the combat back to how the 1st game did it compared to the 2nd.


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