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Run the Developer 1: Shin'en Multimedia

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Run the Developer - is where we look at a specific game development studio's work on Nintendo systems and discuss our experiences with their games. But Mr. B, isn't this more shameless mimicry of Khushrenada's posting? Well, perhaps, but perhaps I am just posting this as an homage to the subtle genius of the Run the Series posts. Perhaps Khushrenada has perfected the art of posting and there is no way to innovate without losing quality. Perhaps I am just a dupe account for Khush  :-X Either way beggars cannot be choosers as we must shovel out more free content to keep those Patron dollars rolling in.

Shin'en Multimedia - the first developer to get the spotlight is Shin'en multimedia. Despite their Japanese sounding name, which translates literally to "abyss" but also means "deep" or "profound", this is a German based studio. In fact, their first game, Kapt'n Blaubar was only released in German speaking countries. Since 2001 they have been releasing a variety of games, mostly on Nintendo handhelds. They are known for pushing the limits on the capabilities of the hardware to produce great looking games.

Games by Shin'en

The first worldwide release for Shin'en was Iridion 3D for GBC in 2001. The sequel Iridion II released in 2003 on GBA. These shooters laid the groundwork for the Nano series that would follow.

Nanostray/Nano Assault

Nanostray (2005) and Nanostray 2 (2007) both released for DS. Nano Assault came out in 2011 for 3DS. An updated version Nano Assault EX was released in 2013. It was also ported to Wii U as Nano Assualt Neo 2013. A PS4 release marked the first time Shin'en published on a non-tendo console.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf

Originally appearing as Wiiware in 2008, there is also a sequel Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! on 3DS (2012).

Jett Rocket

Speaking of Wiiware to get a 3DS sequel, Jett Rocketed into our hearts in 2010 and came back in 2013 with The Wrath of Taikai.

Art of Balance

The Art of Balance started on Wii (2010) and since been ported to 3DS (2012), Wii U (2014), and Switch (2018).

Fast Racing

Perhaps the most prestigous series by Shin'en are the F-Zero like Fast games. Fast Racing League pushed the Wii to its limits in 2011, with sequels for Wii U in 2015, and Switch in 2017.

The Touryst

Enjoy your vacation in the latest from Shin'en, available on Switch. I really need to pick this one up.


There are rainforest and Ocean editions of this DS game from 2008.

Licensed Games

In the early years of Shin'en they developed quite a few licensed games. Mostly licensed characters from cartoon shows like Maya the Bee and Garfield. Are they hidden gems like some of WayForward's licensed games or weaker entries like some of Platinum Games'? I left them out of the poll but sound off in the comments if you have some love for Miss Spider or Strawberry Shortcake.

I have none of these games. I’m familiar with the developer. I’ll see if I can track down Iridion II.

I've played the FAST and Nano Assualt games. They've been among the launch lineups or close after for the last couple consoles which made them appealing on the eShop, and they're pretty good.

Huh, they've made more games than I knew. Never realized they came from a licensed games background either, good on them for escaping that cycle and striking out with multiple franchises of their own. I like Shin'en a lot, they squeeze so much performance out of hardware, and their games look lightyears beyond the efforts of similarly small teams.

The only ones I've played:
- FAST Racing Neo: As a big F-Zero (G)X fan, this is an absolute no-brainer. Looks great, sounds decent, and it nails the sense of speed. Even has the announcer voice from F-Zero GX. The one thing holding this entry back is the brutal A.I. difficulty on higher levels, which I believe was fixed in the sequel FAST RMX.
I've been meaning to look into the differences between NEO and RMX, to see if it's worth grabbing such a fairly iterative sequel. As someone who dislikes the floaty feel of the most recent WipEout, I'm pretty sure the FAST series is the best anti-gravity racer in town nowadays. Wish the ships looked a bit sleeker and had more personality.

- Nano Assault Neo: Good, but not great twin-stick shooter. Was a tad disappointed by the bossfights in this. Again it looks really slick and controls are tight, so the whole aesthetic of shooting viruses on cell organisms really shin'es.

- Art of Balance: Looks gorgeous in HD, and the zen garden theming fits the block stacking gameplay quite well. I would get the Switch or Wii U version for the better graphics and touch controls.

- Nanostray: The first Shin'en game I played, since it went for dirt cheap at the time. It's a competent vertical shooter, with some touch screen shenanigans to activate special lasers. Not an enduring classic, and it's a lot harder than Nano Assault, but it's all right.

Lets see...  I played Iridion 3D back in the day.  Very challenging.

NanoStray I played a little bit not really to completion.

I want to pick up Fast Racing Neo for the Switch. Probably digital version. I love futuristic racers.

Also good idea for a thread Mr. Bungle.


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