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Monster Hunter Rising to the Occasion

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I've been swamped with dealing with a newborn, but I did preorder this. Looking forward to getting to play with everyone in the coming weeks. Who else has picked it up and what are everyone's thoughts so far?

I'll be getting it soon and I'm definitely interested in playing with the people here. I've tried to get into the series a couple times but it never really clicked, though this seems like a good time to give it another shot.

Word is this one is even more accessible than World so it sounds like a great one to give a shot.

I picked this one up the other day and I am really enjoying it so far. 
There is lots of quality of life additions from the Tri, 3U, 4U, Generations U Nintendo series of Monster Hunter games and there is lots of nice additions.

My last Monster Hunter game I played was 4U which I liked and had lots of fun and I liked the additions it had. Still plan on getting Generations U for the Switch to play in my own time.

But this game is a bit different.

With Rise it is more like World in that it is more open world with the hunts and there is no loading in between areas of the map and the gathering is much better.  You just have to gather on one thing and it will give you all the different items from that gathering point at once.  So it isn't a grind getting items to use.  I also loved that cool and hot drinks are not required and also there is infinite whetstones.

There are also weapon trees for all the base weapons so you can chart your path and I think I saw you can revert a weapon back to a previous form and I think you get all the items back. I need to confirm this though.

It does have the standard hub world for villager and hub quests and there are similar towns folk as in what they do. Trading ships, item shops, arena battles, armor and weapon crafting and upgrading. Thing is everything is very streamlined. 

Also everything is explained in a way where you can look at the info yourself in game or have tutorials of what this new thing is and how to do it.  You can change that in the options though.

The new main things are the wire bug, Palimute(dogs) and the switch skills for each weapon.

The wire bug is interesting as it can help you go up in the air for a few seconds to reach a different area or to boost yourself up to attack with your weapon on a monster. There are also weapon attacks that can use the wire bug for different things like countering, getting closer or away from a monster. 

The Palimute can help you cover ground and can help fight monsters.  You can also do a few different things while riding them.

Switch Skills is something I got today and basically it changes the way you can fight using a weapon mid battle.    There was styles in MH4U and Generations U that you selected before the hunt and you were stuck with that style but you can change it mid hunt in Rise. 

One last thing that I really liked doing is creating my character.  So many things you can change and there really isn't any limitations to it.

One last thing which I will note is that I haven't had to go on the wiki to see where something is or what weapon tree goes into the next branch in the tree.

Those were a few things which stood out to me in my two days of play time.  Sorry if this post seems jumbled and everything but these are some of my initial thoughts.


I absolutely love it! This is the first game that got me so hooked. ;D


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