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Nintendo Switch Lite and Future Revisions

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I predict the Revision will come out on July 19, 2019 - July 21, 2019 if early

or more likely October 12 - 13, 2019

It hasn't been announced. Only rumored. However, we're due for a revision

--- Quote ---Gameboy Generation

Gameboy-------- April 21, 1989 Friday
Gameboy PIL --- March 20, 1995 Monday
Gameboy Pocket  July 21, 1996 Sunday

2282/3 = 760

Second Half 90s Generation

Virtual Boy --- July 21, 1995 Friday
Gameboy light - April 4, 1998 Saturday
Gameboy Color - October 21, 1998 Wednesday

2070/3 = 690

GBA Generation

GBA ----------- March 21, 2001 Wednesday
GBA SP -------- February 14, 2003 Friday
GBA Micro ----- September 13, 2005 Tuesday

1341/3 = 447

DS Generation

DS ------------ November 21, 2004 Sunday
DS lite-------- March 2, 2006 Thursday
DSi ----------- November 1, 2008 Saturday
DSiXL --------- June 9, 2010 Wednesday

2288/3 = 762

3ds Generation

3ds ----------- February 26, 2011 Saturday
3dsxl---------- July 28, 2012 Saturday
2ds ----------- October 12, 2013 Saturday
1323/3 = 441

Mini New  generation
New 3ds ------- October 11, 2014 Saturday 
New 2ds xl ---- July 13, 2017 Thursday
874/2 = 437

Switch Generation

Nintendo Switch March 3, 2017 Friday   

Average = 589.5

--- End quote ---

I hear rumors of both an upgraded and a mini switch. It could be both. Either the upgraded switch will be mini, it will simply be smaller, or they'll split the system into 3 SKUs: Original, Cheap Mini, and $300 Upgrade.

Nikkei posted a rumor regarding a smaller Switch to be released in the 2019 fiscal year (April 2019 to March 2020).

There’s less incentive for Nintendo to release a Pro/New Switch. The regular model is still selling well and all indications point toward it continuing to do so. As stated in other threads, Nintendo wants a Switch per person rather than per household. Lowering the price of admission is a start. Nintendo can either slash MSRP or release a model that’s cheap enough to make it viable for parents to buy multiple units for their kids.

Ian Sane:
I'm okay with a form-factor revision - smaller design, better battery life, more internal storage, whatever.  I don't like the idea at all of any upgrade to the hardware.  I didn't like it with the New 3DS, I don't like it with the PS4 Pro or XB1X.  That's not how consoles are supposed to work.  You're supposed to buy one system and every game for that platform works the same on it.  If I want hardware tweaks I'll go with PC gaming which gives me a lot more freedom for customizing that stuff the way I want and only involves upgrading the machine, not outright buying a new one.  I wasn't thrilled with ideas like the N64 Expansion Pak or Wii Motion Plus but at least you could take a launch day system and upgrade it to the new specifications.  Can't do that with a 3DS.

Of course the market doesn't consist entirely of people that think like me.  Obviously these half-step updates must sell okay because that's become the norm.  Morale of the story - never buy a system at launch.  Wait until the inevitable enhanced version comes out.  I don't have a Switch yet so this wouldn't really affect me but it would affect my brother who has one.

Though as Adrock points out, Nintendo's goal should be to sell a Switch to each person.  They should especially want this for when Pokémon hits.  They'll need a cheaper model to pull that off, possibly one that's only a handheld.  Maybe it doesn't even have detachable joycons, like how the 2DS compromised some of the features of the 3DS to get a budget model.  Of course Nintendo had the cheap 2DS and the high end New 3DS co-exist which is why the New 3DS didn't get many exclusives.  So maybe that will be the same here in which case I wouldn't feel so much like I'd be missing out if I had a base model - but then those who went high end won't feel there purchase was worth it.

As far as upgrades to the hardware. How big a leap is it really? You can play Doom on Switch but you can't play it 1080p. I wouldn't imagine upgrading the chip from x1 to x2 is as big of a leap from Gameboy to Gameboy Color, or GBA and GBA SP.

 It was speculated 2 years ago that Nintendo might have gone with x2 at the time, but the chip was too new and probably too expensive at the time, and there was maybe some production logistics difficulties, but 2 years have passed. Putting a newer chip in the system might be something nVidia wants. It might not even be cost prohibitive. That is probably the biggest factor. I also don't think that "hard generations" will continue to exist. One of the best thing Nintendo can do is maximize backwards and forward compatibility. If they have minor upgrades to the Switch line every 2 years then they can maintain the Switch line for years and years.

How often do iphones come out? The first iphone came out in 2007. There has been a new iphone to come out every 1.3 years. In the long run how can anyone compete with that? The only thing Nintendo offers over cellphones/tablets is superior games and controls and a decent price. I can't see that being a totally permanent thing though. Upgrading asap might be the only right strategic move. You hear youtube channels praising the switch now and lauding it for it's amazing sales, but I can imagine 2 years from now the same people talking about how terrible it always was and how it was a flop. Nintendo like many other tech companies has to deal with the Silicon Valley mentality of the industry. Even if that mentality is batshit stupid.

Though, one wonders about the reset of Metroid Prime 4. Maybe it was a game being designed for 2 compatibilities and then dropped. Maybe there really was a Switch+ that was quietly cancelled behind the scenes.

As I said earlier, we are due for a revision, but they may solely make a cheaper system. Nintendo is in this weird position where any sign of bad news causes their stock to plummet. "Oh so we sold 17 million this year instead of 20 million" **** like that freaks out investors when it shouldn't. If we don't hear about a revision I can imagine hearing about a big price drop soon. We also might hear about a price drop in the next month. If there is a revision they might hold off the announcement to an e3 timed Nintendo direct. Though, we might not even hear about anything like that even at e3. Nintendo has been lowing the leading time between announcement and release. Especially for revisions. 30-40 days at the most is their current operating procedure.

As for me. I've been holding off buying a Switch until the revision hits. I bought a GBA and when GBA SP came out I was sort of burned. Same with DS and DS Lite.  With handhelds I find it best not to be an early adopter.

Odd, but I think Nintendo could bring back the "Game Boy" brand for the Switch Mini.  I still think they'll have a model that doesn't have detachable joycon and probably doesn't come with a dock, even if it does hdmi out.  They seem to expect their consumers to have a certain level of savvy, despite that not always being the case. (E.g., "~new 2DS XL", and the Wii U being initially mistaken for a Wii add-on.)  So, having two consoles that play the same games wouldn't come off as too confusing to them.  However, "Switch Mini" that doesn't "Switch" kind of would because the Switch's central concept is cooked into both the name and logo of the console.  And if the emphasis on the revision is "more portability, it would make sense to leverage their portable brand.


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