Author Topic: New Switch Games Revealed In Summer 2023 Day Of The Devs Presentation  (Read 292 times)

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"The chillest twin stick shooter we've ever seen" - our semi-sentient Twitter account on Hauntii

The Switch has been represented at this year's Double Fine-hosted Day of the Devs presentation. The following games were explicitly announced:

  • Geometric Interactive showed footage for Cocoon, due later this year on Switch, a game in which an insect emerges from their cocoon and can emerge from one world to another in order to solve puzzles.
  • Mutazione and Johann Sebastian Joust developers Die Gute Fabrik announced point and click adventure Saltsea Chronicles for a 2023 release. As a crew member of a ship in a flooded world, the captain has gone missing and must be located as soon as possible.
  • Hauntii is a twin-stick shooter from Moonloop Studios in which the mechanics are used to locate items to regain a ghost's memories. It's currently targeting a 2024 release.
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