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Five Worst Gaming Articles of 2005 ;_;

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Stan's review of Mario Tennis: Power Tour made Somethingawful's "Worst Gaming Articles" list. Apparantly it was cited for fanboyism, something which I never much considered appropriate for the staff of Planetgamecube as they all seem very level headed.

However, I suppose this had to be mentioned, and this looked like the best board to do it in (when considering the conversation that might follow). I can say I was very shocked when I saw the site referenced.  

King of Twitch:
Honestly the review sounds like a joke piece someone forgot to take down

I thought this one was worse myself

hey i only counted THREE items in that top FIVE worst articles of 2005 article

Ahahah, that's definitley THE worst gaming article of 2005.  But hay, it's somethingawful, so really it's a pinnacle of achivement for them.

ground floor

Actually they're probably right:

Metroid Prime 11/19/2002 Rick Powers T GameCube 10.0
Metroid Prime 11/26/2002 David Trammell T GameCube 10.0
Metroid Prime 12/04/2002 Jonathan Metts T GameCube 9.5

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 03/24/2003 Rick Powers E GameCube 10.0
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 03/25/2003 Billy Berghammer E GameCube 10.0
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 12/20/2002 Jonathan Metts E GameCube 10.0


The next two worst articles ever are being saved for Zack's next update. I hear they might both be by Tim Rogers  

next stop

Animal Crossing   03/21/2002   Tonkatsu Chikara   E   GameCube   6.5
Kirby Air Ride   10/03/2003   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GameCube   7.5
Luigi's Mansion   09/26/2001   Billy Berghammer   E   GameCube   7.0
Mario Golf: Advance Tour   06/20/2004   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GBA   7.5

Super Mario Advance   06/10/2001   Billy Berghammer   E   GBA   7.5
Super Mario Advance   06/19/2001   Justin Nation   E   GBA   6.5
Super Mario World: Mario Advance 2   12/30/2001   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GBA   7.5

Wario Land 4   01/03/2002   Jonathan Metts   E   GBA   7.5
WarioWare Touched!   02/17/2005   Ben Kosmina   NR   DS   7.0

Mario Party 4    10/31/2002   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GameCube   7.0
Mario Party 5   02/24/2004   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GameCube   6.5
Mario Party 6   12/08/2004   Jonathan Metts   E   GameCube   7.5

Mario Pinball Land   11/23/2004   Mike Suzuki   E   GBA   0.0
Mario Pinball Land   10/05/2004   Michael "TYP" Cole   E   GBA   7.5

Mario Superstar Baseball   09/08/2005   Mike Suzuki   E   GameCube   7.5
Pokémon Channel   02/15/2004   Ben Kosmina   E   GameCube   7.0

Pokemon Colosseum   04/09/2004   Mike Sklens   E   GameCube   6.5
Pokemon Dash   03/16/2005   David Trammell   E   DS   7.0
Pokemon Dash   03/07/2005   Chris Bethea   E   DS   3.0
Pokemon Emerald   01/29/2005   Chris Bethea   E   GBA   7.5
Pokemon Emerald   05/12/2005   Karl Castaneda   E   GBA   6.5

Pokémon: Leaf Green & Fire Red   04/09/2004   Ben Kosmina   E   GBA   7.0
Pokémon: Leaf Green & Fire Red   10/06/2004   Mike Suzuki   E   GBA   7.5

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy   06/10/2005   Mike Sklens   NR   GBA   6.0
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy   01/24/2005   Daniel Bloodworth   NR   GBA   7.5
Yoshi Touch & Go   03/23/2005   Lasse Pallesen   E   DS   7.5

It's funny how Ty picked the two games of this gen most deserving of a perfect score plus jungle beat.  

I did notice a lot of high nintnedo scores, but a lot of them deserve it .  Of course, a lot of the games up there didn't deserve the score they got (Mario Pinball, POKEMON CHANNEL?)  If we take games just publised by Nintnedo- not developed- we get more low scores.  Star Fox Assault, Polarium, Trace Memory....some of those up there were developed by someone else, I think, just shut up

But still, not all nine's, so THERE.  


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