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Behold! the Wabbajack!

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Produces large metal pole from thin air.

Yes, yes! Here is the mighty Wabbajack! One whack will turn any living creature into a random animal! Let me demonstrate...

Whacks self and turns into a rabbit, dropping the Wabbajack.

Ah hell. I wanted to be something at least with opposable thumbs, but whatever. Give it a try and see what you turn into!

Runs off to find a carrot.  

Oh sweet, it's physical comedy, cept with words.

OH great *whacks self with Wabbajack, and turns to a wolf (ala twighlight princess)*

SWEET, What should I do???

*proceeds to eat tasty bunny*

*Wabbajack WHACK!  - Turns into Duckman*

You thrust your pelvis, HUH!  You thrust your pelvis, HUH!

Is being eaten.

I shall have my revenge!!! AGFHHHhurg...

Gives wolf one hell of a case of heartburn.

Use the sacred Wabbajack to avenge me!


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