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Title: Episode 266 - Our Romance Game Is Hello Neighbor
Post by: Webmalfunction on October 14, 2021, 03:09:57 PM

It's Metroid Dread week and the entire gang has been jamming out to this fantastic game! Alex has been doing so on his brand new OLED Switch and has impressions of the new hardware. And FINALLY the long awaited return of Mystery Reversery!

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Alex is back, which can only mean that we're not doing eShop Roundup! We begged him to do it, but Alex, with his 51% stake in Jimmie Ltd. that was negotiated when he agreed to join the show, decided that we can't do it anymore. If we attempt to record it -- even try -- Balex assured us that there would be severe financial penalties.

Instead, we talk about Metroid Dread! We talk about Samus' new game at length, and we all like it a lot! A lot a lot! There are also some quick bites (actually quick) so look forward to that. After that, Perry has Mystery Reversery (Perry, did I spell this right?) for us, and we had to change the rules because SOMEONE can't play a game for fun.

This week's Poll Time is about indie/small-game publishers. Devolver Digital vs. Humble vs. tinyBuild vs. Annapurna.

We tweaked things a bit on Metroid Prime. We're now planning to do an I Demand You on Episode 269 (one episode later) in early November. We also might do a Metroid Dread Spoilercast and make that a big Metroid episode. That might be fun, right?

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