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What will Nintendo release in 2023?

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Well, I'm glad Nintendo announced the Game Boy libraries coming to Switch. I was getting ready to take the chance to buy a bunch of those games off the 3DS and Wii U VC since I just wasn't sure if they were going to made available or not. Surprised that Link's Awakening DX is included with the Remaster of the game on Switch but I guess Nintendo figures it's not going to hurt sales of that game now. Still, might be some third party releases I should scoop up just in case. Never know how much third parties will go along with having their stuff added to these Apps.

All in all, an alright Direct. It really did focus on things we already knew though so there wasn't much surprise on the Nintendo side. All the new stuff really seemed to come from third parties. My quick review. For Nintendo:

Pikmin 4 looks like... more pikmin. Obviously, there's a few new wrinkles to mix things up a bit but overall it just seemed to be the usual knocking down walls and navigating terrain and overwhelming enemies to acquire treasures. I'm not sure it will win over any new fans from those who may have tried a Pikmin game before but not really cared for it but it should be comfort food for those who've enjoyed the previous games.

Xenoblade Expansion - Not sure if the ties to XC1 were spoiler-y for XC3 or only just related to this expansion wave but it got me to remember XC3 exists and become a bit more interested in working towards playing this title.

Splatoon 3 - Was this DLC news? I don't follow Splatoon enough closely to know or remember. I guess it would have made sense to guess this considering Splatoon 2 had DLC but then that got added to the Expansion Pak which made me think that maybe the Splatoon 2 DLC just hadn't been that popular and sold much when it came out so Nintendo lumped into give the Expansion the impression of more value. If it didn't sell well, makes me surprised there was DLC for Splat3.

FE Engage DLC - Then again, it seems like games never end. They just keep getting DLC added to them. By this point, I was longing for the SNES - GC days when games were released and that was it. The whole thing in one package. No trying to continuously add small bits of things to games to keep gamers playing the same title for so long instead of letting them move on to other things.

Cereza - Had no plans to get this so and the trailer didn't do anything to change my mind. To me, the idea of not being able to attack an enemy but only bind them in order to let the CPU character attack them does not sound that fun to me. Like co-op but you're not the main character. You're the one holding the bucket in Crystal Chronicles. (I've never played FF:CC so I'm just talking out my butt on that reference.)

Advance Wars - Still wasn't sure if this would come out with the Russia/Ukraine war still happening and now China/Taiwan tensions increasing. People happily going at war just gives off a weird vibe so I left it off my guesses since it seemed like a coin flip as to its release. That said, I really do love the animation and job done by Wayforward in the clips for it. Almost tempts me to double dip. But having finally completed the story of the first game a couple years ago, I know the story ain't great unless this version completely redoes it and the battles lose appeal after awhile, at least they seem to for me. Last battle was a long slog in the first one. Still, I'd watch an animated series or movie for Advance Wars based on the animation for this game.

Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe - It's nice that HAL showed how they are making the game Deluxe by highlighting the additional content being added. But nothing that would make me feel like double dipping on this title as I still have easy access to my Wii original copy. Unless the price is right at low cost like $15 - 20 then I'm probably not going to bother.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Same sentiment for this game. While MP1 is a big favorite of mine in the series, I'm still good with my GC copy. I played it through to completion on both normal and hard mode about 7 years ago and haven't had any hankering to replay it since then. While I suppose the updated graphics may be nice for some, the game looked wrong to me in the trailer because of them. ;D It felt almost a bit more cartoony now.

Mario Kart DLC - Definitely eager to try out the Yoshi's Island course. I guess I just like courses that use the theme of an actual game than an abstract original like Water Park or Mushroom Gorge. Sorry Mop it up. I never realized Birdo was missing as a playable character in the game until this announcement. Just thought she was already included.  :-[

Tears of the Kingdom - Really hoped there would be a bigger showing for this game to finally get the hype meter charging for this game but the bits they showed just left more confused as to how they worked or still in the dark about how this thing may end up playing. I guess I'm just coming to accept that this sequel probably isn't going to wow me like the original BotW. In the end, this is still the most wanted game I'm wanting from Nintendo based on what they've been showing so far. I just wish it didn't feel like it was this way by default.


--- Quote from: nickmitch on January 31, 2023, 05:21:55 PM ---2. Advanced Wars ReBootCamp is slotted into the release calendar at the last minute to fill a gap.

--- End quote ---

Nailed it.

--- Quote ---6. Metroid happens in trailer form only.
--- End quote ---

I meant Metroid Prime 4, but I should've specified. Oh well. I'll take the loss.

--- Quote ---9. Two HD GameCube ports are announced this year.
--- End quote ---

I also meant at least two, but since I didn't say two exactly, this is a win for me.

--- Quote ---10. Pikmin 4 does not come out.
--- End quote ---

I only said this so that it would come out. It worked. You're welcome.

Mop it up:
Thanks, nickmitch!


--- Quote from: Mop it up on February 09, 2023, 11:57:49 AM ---Thanks, nickmitch!

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Anything for the forum folks.


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