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What will Nintendo release in 2023?

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--- Quote from: Order.RSS on January 01, 2023, 12:01:40 PM ---And finally, here's what the combined leaderboard of the past 3 years looks like.
Lifetime achievements ranking:
M.K. Ultra: 15 points
Nickmitch: 11½ points
Mop It Up: 9½ points
Luigi Dude: 7 points
MASB: 6 points
Khushrenada: 5½ points
Stratos: 5½ points
TopHatAnt: 5 points
Safe Khushrenada: 5 points
Order.RSS: 5 points
Insanolord: 4 points
Adrock: 3½ points
Pokepal: 3½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Oedo: 2 points
Bold Khushrenada: 1½ point
Lemonade: 1 point
Fawful: 1 point
Broodwars: ½ point
Evan_B: ½ point
Kairon: ½ point
Madness Khushrenada: ½ point
Shaymin: ½ point

--- End quote ---


Really? Personally, I think that list could use even more Khushrenadas.

Heh. Safe Khushrenada really seems to have made an impact on this prediction game. Everyone wants those sweet prediction points and, as the saying goes, if you can't beat them then join them. My continued dominance of all forum games has everyone joining in copying my strategy.

--- Quote from: Adrock on January 04, 2023, 03:27:57 AM ---I'm seeing some of y'all post what Nintendo won't release. Looking at the Rules/Suggestions, this is more of a general predictions thread. If that's the case and it isn't like there are real stakes here, we can all go 10 for 10 posting what won't happen. "Nintendo won't release a Star Tropics remake developed by Platinum Games" or "Nintendo won't license Jak and Daxter from Sony and release a Switch exclusive reboot" both work and would likely be easy points.

--- End quote ---

Brilliant. This is the kind of game thinking I should have already been considering. I bestow upon you the rank of "Nintendo Insider". You'll be able to go far with those "not" predictions.

I make the following predictions:

1. I predict that Nintendo will not release a new 2D Metroid this year.
2. I predict that Nintendo will not release a new Paper Mario game this year.
3. I predict that Nintendo will not release Mother 3 in the west this year.
4. I predict that Nintendo will not release a new F-Zero game this year.
5. I predict that Nintendo will not release a new Ice Climbers game this year.
6. I predict that Nintendo will not release a new Game and Watch system this year.
7. I predict that Nintendo will not re-hire Reggie Fils-Aime as NOA president this year.
8. I predict that Nintendo will not buy Sega this year.
9. I predict that Nintendo will not not have a direct this year.
10. I predict that Nintendo will not not not not not hire NotKhushrenada as their new chief of Social Media.

I like this not predicting. No one is better than me at not knowing what is going on. (Although I must confess that my last prediction may be a bit unfair as I feel I have some inside information on that one.)

Captain Khushrenada:
This thread has turned into a @$!#%#^ joke.


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