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Mario vs. Donkey Kong Remake Scampers onto Switch This February

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The puzzle-platformer series that originated on Game Boy Advance arrives early in the new year.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/64845/mario-vs-donkey-kong-remake-scampers-onto-switch-this-februaryOne of the first announcements during today's Nintendo Direct was for a remake of the first Mario vs. Donkey Kong game, a series that originally debuted in 2004 on Game Boy Advance. 20 years later, Donkey Kong is back to his mischief-making ways and it's up to Mario to foil his plan to steal all of the Mini-Mario toys. In each stage, you'll need to run, climb, and avoid obstacles to retrieve the key and unlock the main door so that you can move on to the next level. The trailer showed off lava, jungle, and city-themed areas, and there's also a local co-op feature with the second player controlling Toad.Pre-orders are available today on the eShop, with Mario vs. Donkey Kong arriving on February 16, 2024.

This looks good and is one I don't already have so as long as there is a retail release I plan to pick this up.

Mop it up:
This seems like a pretty random game to remake, especially since they could have just put the original on NSO.

I'd rather a DK'94 remake.

This game was fun, but the Lemmings-esque gameplay has worn out its welcome in the past 20-years.

The first game in the series doesn't have that Lemmings gameplay of leading the moving Mini-Marios to a goal. It is much closer to the DK 94 style of play and it is this first game they are remaking which is more a platformer puzzler.


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