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Episode 746: A Tale of Swords and amiibos Eternally Retold


Jon amiibo watch is officially on.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/58900/episode-746-a-tale-of-swords-and-amiibos-eternally-retoldThis week Guillaume kicks the show off with a look at dungeon crawler/dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon. We have a literally "man who's only played Persona" moment, and he concludes he's about to fall off the game. Greg has a 12 year old's fever dream: Cruis'n Blast. It's a racing game with UFOs and dinosaurs. It's like Excite Truck but without all the restraint. Jon proves James right (yet again) by breaking his one week old vow to buy no more amiibo. This time he has the Monster Hunter Rise set, which listeners will remember, he already had preordered and then cancelled. James closes out New Business by closing out Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. Stay tuned for the inevitable sequel.After a break, we dive into Listener Mail. This week we: argue over what "indie" means, figure out what game we bought the most times, and create SP versions of N64 games for the Switch Online Expansion Pack. You can create our SP version by sending an email.

SP N64 idea, Mario Kart 64 with everything unlocked and a 200cc mode added.  100cc could be replaced with it or every class in the SP version could default to 200cc.

Cool Uncle Vince:
GAMES I'VE BOUGHT THE MOST: Outside of Mario & Zelda, it's probably Borderlands 2.  And I don't even like Borderlands 2 (I loved Borderlands 1 because it was a novel take on FPS Diablo).  I own Borderlands 2 on PC, Vita, PS4 (as part of the Handsome Collection), and then Switch.


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