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Episode 743: Little King's Cow Communication Network


I can't think of anything more DREAD-ful than that. Get it? GET IT?http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/58705/episode-743-little-kings-cow-communication-networkIt's a huge episode this week, as we release a slightly polished version of last Thursday's RFN Live Show. We covered the dual launches of Metroid Dread and the Switch (OLED Model). Interestingly, nobody was using Switch (OLED Model) to play Metroid Dread, so we completely messed up the Venn Diagram. With over an hour of normal New Business-style content, you might be surprised to hear that it still encompasses less than half the show's runtime.After all, the Live Show was to cover our RetroActive #50: Little King's Story. Not quite as many call-ins as we would have liked, but it was still a fun conversation about this extremely strange kingdom-building game. We dive into the design, the story, the music, and of course the very odd boss fights.We even find a little time to check-in with NWR's Xander Morningstar to document his tremendously foolish attempt to play all of Dr. Mario World before it goes offline. Please don't do this.Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live recording, and if you didn't sit back and enjoy one of the longest episodes in history.As always, you can send questions here.

Once upon a time.
There was a timid young boy who was lonely.
One morning, before him appeared - a family of pesky... Rats!
Hey wait!
Uh oh, where am I?
Deep in the dark forest - the young boy discovered... A magical gold crown!
From the day he put on that mystical crown, they say the boy became a magnificent king.
And all man and animals one and all, they say became his loyal followers.
And so somehow, in some such way, the young boy was no longer lonely.

James was probably thinking of Yasunori Mitsuda, who just did the one song for the original Xenoblade.

Outside of the context of the intro sequence, that song from Little King's Story is actually really nice.

Does the new intro music signal the beginning of season 6? The music made me think this is what it's like to go clubbing with Jon and Eiji Aonuma. Great fun, but a bit scary? ;)

Glad James kept in the bit during the break talking to Xander about Dr. Mario World.

It's actually still Men of Leisure. We have the chip-tune version we use for RetroActive (when we remember).

I'm actually planning Season 6 just because Season 5 is hilariously long in its length.


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