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Episode 268: Indie World Reactions
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:37:09 AM »

Zach Miller returns to catch up on Pokemon and bask in Indie World excitement with John and Neal.

Nintendo timed their latest Indie World well as John and Neal get to talk about the new announcements and games featured in the April 14, 2021 Indie World with guest (and former co-host) Zach Miller. They touch on what they're excited for, including OlliOlli World, Labyrinth City, Aztech, and so much more.

As always, they veer off topic but circle back around to talk about Zach's experiences with Pokemon Sword and Shield. He's late to the party, but expresses his enjoyment and dismay about the latest entry in the franchise. Also listen in to see a way how you can win a Switch game code. We're not going to spoil it. You have to listen, dude.

Send in some listener mail and let us know what you want to see from this revival. Feel to harass the Twitter account as well.

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