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No Linking? Why Not?


Sorry guys, I respect your news coverage, but I find this laughable.

No linking? Why not? That's not the only thing I find amusing, but merely the concept of not even reporting news from other sites.

Let's be realistic, it's a pretty stupid concept.

As a webmaster myself, I feel there is a difference between direct linking to images, and direct linking to a url or reporting on a site feature and then offering linkage to the site.

Unless of course the reason why you don't want off-site linking is so that people don't leave PGCN.  

I've noticed you cut out any mention of "IGN" in your news articles, even when in a press release by Nintendo...

Competition is a healthy thing....no need to be afraid of it...

Go read the rule again.  We never said anything about "no linking".  In fact, if you find something interesting at another website, we encourage you to link to it.  What we don't want you doing is directly linking to images or media files, and we don't want you cut 'n' pasting information from those sites.  

Wait, so, say a site has a news story and a movie there... you can't link to www.thegamewebsite.com/movies/themovie.avi, but you could link to www.thegamewebsite.com/news/newmovie.html

Yes.  I don't know how much more clear I can say it.  

if you send people direct linking to the files they may bypass things like ign insider.
For instance if the fiels are numerically ordered it may be possible to change the link and veiw other files withotu runnign into the 5 a day limit. There are toehr ways aroudn that, but i will not go into detail.


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