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Don't you even let a guy get in HIS side of the story before you assume you know his stance and lock his thread? I had a 331 word post typed up that EXPLAINED that very thing that I was posting JUST as you locked my thread "Stop Worrying!". It was only my first post in the thread after I had put up the thread. Here's what I said- I hope you have enough of a mind to READ it before you lock this thread as well:

""but I think it's only natural that people communicate conflicting viewpoints."

Oh, I agree completely. But you have to realize that this wasn't discussing that was going on- people were spelling doom for Nintendo, people were jumping ship. It was becoming an epidemic over VIDEOGAMES! How pointless is that? It's like someone getting their blood pressure worked up over their favorite model train maker leaving. It's STUPID. Our hobby is to play videogames, not pour over sales statistics and map out Nintendo's futures. I completely agree that Nintendo fans have a right to be concerned- I DO love Nintendo- but a lot of people take that to new heighths, they take it so incredibly far you start to wonder what their mental stability is. In the other thread people ACTUALLY thought Microsoft was hiring people to go to internet message boards and spread rumors of Nintendo's death! How paranoid is that? JSR said it right- we should have ONE thread devoted to people concerned with Nintendo, which I think is perfectly alright, even preferrable (I'd rather have spellings of doom for Nintendo than fanboys claimnig they're doing nothing wrong when it's obvious they HAVE made some mistakes). CSM, I'm NOT saying you should stop discussion- have you read anything I've said? I'm just saying you don't need to freak out about it. Really, it's pointless. Even if Nintendo, or all of videogames for that matter, just pack up and leave tomorrow, the world would still be there, the same one we've probably been ignoring all this time. Conerns are good, but in moderation, not in excess.

Anyway, yes, I copied and pasted this thread from the old forum. NOT because I saw the arise of a new problem (Koopa, you were way off on that), but because I thought we could continue discussion in the new forums, and also because discussion on the old one, like I pointed out, was gonig down the tubes. I hoped I could revive it here."

Now you see? I WASN'T dictating anyone's dicsussion and you were wrong to assume I was! Don't you at least consider all viewpoints before you act?

You make me sad.  Quoting from the rules now ...

Public complaining about messages being moved or deleted is reason to have your account banned.

Let's repeat that. Public complaining about the removal or closure of any message or thread is grounds for expulsion.  In otherwords, bitch to the moderators in PRIVATE, not in public.  It's probably YOUR mistake, not ours.
--- End quote ---

Private messaging is here for JUST THIS REASON.  I have my PM turned on, and that is the appropriate outlet for your complaints in this regard.  Let's not make that mistake again, m'kay?

The thread was locked because despite what your point MIGHT have been, you did not have your intended effect.  Very few people were getting past your initial sentiment of "Stop Worrying!"  Yes, it was unfortunate that I happened to lock it right as you were going to make a long winded post.  Such is life.

Quite frankly, you're taking the entire matter far too seriously.  The internet exists for people to complain.  You're not going to be able to stop that, no matter how much you might try to convince them otherwise.  So you know what you should do?  Just turn a blind eye and open CONSTRUCTIVE discussions.  If a complaint post is obviously attracting flame bait, we'll squash it.  Otherwise, just let the poor souls have their moment to vent and move on.

I have a little secret for you.  90% of the people claiming that they're no longer going to support Nintendo, etc., etc., ad nausem ... are just making idle threats.  They're just venting.  Telling them not to get worked up over it is akin to poking a bear with a short stick.

"The internet exists for people to complain."

Let me just I'm sorry I didn't PM you- I'm new to the forum, as are many other people. However, this quote, and indeed  a large portion of your own post, are hypocritical. I realize people have a right to complain, but since when did that right not extend to those who choose to to be annoyed with the people who do nothing BUT complain? Essentially, I'm complaining about people complaining, so in essence maybe I'M a hypocrite as well, but that still doesn't revoke my right to express MY opinion on the way many others express THEIR opinions. Sure, they have a right to vent, but why can't *I* vent as well? When was a restriction place on what we could vent about? My point was that, in my opinion, there was too MUCH venting.

And maybe you see me as eccentric- I'm sorry I gave that impression, as it's false (then again, it's difficult to impartially judge one's self), but I do know that most people really don't see Nintendo going anywhere. However, I've learned long ago that reaching out to people who already agree with you is pointless and takes your cause no where. So I'm reaching out to the people who are in over their heads, who really SHOULDN'T be worrying about Nintendo because essentially, where's the point? Have we lost sight that we're talking about *videogames*? You say I'm taking this too seriously- maybe so in your eyes, but what about the people we KNOW are taking this too seriously? Very few of us make a living that relies on videogames for support- hell, most of us don't even work at all- so I'm just bringing up the question on why spend hours of your life worrying about it? You claimed my post wasn't going the way I intended- while it's true it very well could've ended up as such, I've ALSO learned that 10 posts is in no way a good indication of the way an entire thread's discussion will turn out. You didn't even give it time to really flesh out, you might say! 10 posts may be uncommonly active in PGC's forum's terms, especially so with this new one since a good portion of the old forum's users haven't made the switch yet, but really I admire you if you can accuratly predict the direction of a debate within the opening arguments, if you will.

All I'm really asking is to give things time- you're too quick to make judgements and often don't consider every viewpoint before hand. I'm guilty of it as well, but I at least try to rectify it. At least CONSIDER other opinions, other courses of action, other sides to the truth, even of your own opinion, before you take action.  


Essentially, I'm complaining about people complaining, so in essence maybe I'M a hypocrite as well, but that still doesn't revoke my right to express MY opinion on the way many others express THEIR opinions.
--- End quote ---

Except that then all the responses to your thread are people either going "yeah, cut it out" or "shut up and quit telling people what to do".  When you get to the point of complaining about complaining, it's only going to beget more complaining.  This post being a perfect example.  It's a spiral to hell, and while I certainly understand your wanting to ride it to the bottom, I'll be damned if I'm going to let it.  I've got enough experience with internet forums, and the PGC Forums in particular to KNOW what's going to happened based on our userbase.  You seem to forget that a very large part of this userbase are made up of people who haven't fully matured yet, but are on the cusp just enough to feel like they know what they're talking about (as is evidenced by all of the teens who have yet to take a single business class in college, but seem to know all about market economics).  So rather than trying to change their points of view (which you can't, because they really aren't open-minded enough), all you can do is correct any factual mistakes and let it go.  And if their gripes have a factual basis?

Fact is, MOST of those gripes DO have a factual basis ... most of the people here are Nintendo fans because either a) It's the console they grew up on and have fond memories of, b) They appreciate Nintendo's attention to gameplay and quality, or c) Both a and b.  The problem is, for the most part, these people are NO LONGER IN NINTENDO'S TARGET MARKET.  And now they wonder why Nintendo is making all these bad decisions, and why Nintendo has "forsaken" them.  Sorry, you grew up, and now Sony and Microsoft want your business.  Honestly, all these angry teens can do is wait a few more years until they have families and are in Nintendo's target market again, or buy an Xbox/PS2.  They're worrying because they feel this is something Nintendo has done to THEM, and your post was absolutely NOT going to change it.

And that is the answer to the question you asked in the first few lines of your post.  You weren't going to get that answer from anyone in this forum, because they're all in the same boat, which left your post "complaining" at the wind.  These posts with people worrying about what's wrong with Nintendo, etc. are never going to stop as long as people who grew up on Nintendo keep growing up.

Or at least, they won't stop as long as Cassamassina keeps writing "What's Wrong With Nintendo?" editorials.  

Okay, Okay- I'll give up my push. It's really not worth it for some thread. I do, however, realize a lot of people's concerns have factual basis but that doesn't mean it's good for you to spend all your free time worrying about it. I'm just as concerned as they are, but that doesn't mean my palms are sweating with the dread that Nintendo's goose may be cooked. My whole point is that why can't we just enjoy our passion instead of spend time we could use playing games worrying our heads off about Nintendo. Concern should not dictate one's life.


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