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Originally posted by: vudu
Gamasutra reports that Wii has an initial tie-in ratio of 3.0!  Yowie-zowie!
On the Playstation 3, GameStop found its top titles were Resistance and Madden, while on Wii, The Legend of Zelda and Red Steel were the top sellers. The Wii and PS3 achieved software/hardware tie ratios of 3.0 and 1.5 respectively.
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I assume these numbers are just for GameStop/EB Games.  My assumption is that the tie-in ratio of these stores is higher than that of stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy, so it's probably lower in real life.  However, it does at least give us something to talk about.
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Horray! Red Steel is selling strong. That meas Ubisoft will have a good return on their investment, and most likely continue making games for Wii! This also means its feasible that a Red Steel 2 will come out, giving them a chance to redeem themselves on the control front.

Well Ian I bought a Wii , Wii remote, Nunchuk and 6 games. And in Toys R us there were a lot of people who bought atleast 1 - 4 games at launch. So in a way cheaper system = more games sold. And a lot of 3rd parties will be happy with sales and Nintendo will be happy with all the profit from Wii, accessories, LOZ and 3rd party royalties they are going to rake in.  

Games and accesories are hard as hell to find around here too so i thinkg everyting is selling good. I bought BDZ:BT2, a Wii card and a Classic OCntrooler then ran out of money, went back to town the next day and EVERY single Nunchuck is sold out EVERYWHERE!. Also found Shop-ko who was the BEST place to buy GC stuff SUCKS for Wii, they are five and ten dollars higher priced on everything.

I waited on Red Steel and it seams I may have to wait longer cuz it is selling out everywhere at every store here.

I think everything is selling great.  A second shipment already hit my area and after calling 5 stores and them saying they were sold out I walked into walmart to grab the last one.  The sellout continues despite the resupply and thats certainly a good thing.  Games do seem low at most retailers as well.

I'm glad I picked up my games and controller while  I could, even though I still have no Wii.  Hopefully I'll have one soon ;__;


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