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Gameplay Help Guidelines
« on: February 01, 2003, 03:55:05 PM »
As always before posting a new topic, please check previous posts to make sure the info hasn't already been covered.

When you post your topic be sure the subject line contains both the game title, and the subject of your question.

For example, titles should read, "Rogue Leader: Razor Rendevous" or "Wave Race: Passwords." It should be broad enough to keep a conversation going, but specific enough for people to find what they need quickly.

Please do not vent your frustration in your thread like this: "I need rrouge advice!!!!!!!" That will not only cause others to get annoyed by having to read info they may not need, but someone else may post on the same subject by accident because he/she couldn't tell that the info was already covered.

We will probably edit subject headings, lock threads and delete threads liberally in this area to be sure that everyone can find the info they need quickly. Duplicate threads will be locked or deleted. Please do not take personal offense at this, we're just tidying up.

Please don't copy/paste from sites like GameFAQ's. It kind of defeats the point of having this area on our space.

So members can ask questions without having to worry so much about spoilers, please use the quote button when replying to someone's question.  This way they can ask a question without reading the previous posts and then look for their name in the replies.

Also, don't use any sort of spoilers in the subject line. I know for some topics it's kind of difficult, but we'd rather people not accidentally run across something they didn't want to know while they're looking for info on a different game.

That's all. Stick to those friendly guides and we should all benefit from each other's advice. See you around.            
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Gameplay Help Guidelines
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2003, 05:01:56 PM »
ATTENTION: We now have Spoiler Tags! You can use the tags to mask your text, so other users will have to highlight the blocked out area in order to read it. It's quite usefull for masking spoilers so you don't ruin the games for other players. It's very simple. Here is an example.

In order to display This is a spoiler code example all you need to type is: