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PGC Goes Clubbing!
« on: October 17, 2002, 11:50:49 PM »
Cube Clubs started up across America tonight!  See how things went down in Hollywood.

The Cube Club here in Los Angeles was an overwhelming success.  After spending about an hour in heavy traffic, I made my way toward the spotlights and found a place to park.  The club is located on the northeast corner of Hollywood and Highland, which is right in the center of Hollywood. There was still a long line running down the side of the building when I got there, and it was nearly two hours after the doors had opened.

The Club itself was very similar to last year, but the location is a little nicer.  There are about forty GameCubes set up on Panasonic widescreen TVs and seven GBAs toward the back of the club.  Behind the GBA’s there was a Mario Party 4 / Wavebird competition just like at E3, and the DJ was set up right next to them.  Panasonic also had a listening area set up with some of their digital music players, and there is a bar with free drinks from Snapple.  

There is a lot of free stuff to be snagged if you’re paying attention: promotional DVDs packed with videos and extras; e-Reader cards; Cube Club coasters, GC disc wallets; Snapple Frisbees and water bottles; and a few other odds and ends.  There is also a contest you can enter to win a huge package of Panasonic and Nintendo devices.

The full list of games available can be found at the official Cube Club site with a few minor adjustments.  Many of the demos such as Metroid Prime and Zelda are very similar to the demos at E3, but there are noticeable improvements.  What was also quite noticeable was the clear focus on games oriented toward older audiences.  Not only is Metroid being shown off as the star of the show, but a fair number of first-person shooters, including Jedi Knight II and Medal of Honor graced the far wall.

Of course, what’s a night at a club without meeting a few people? We ran into Matt and Fran from IGN Cube and one of this summer’s Nintendo Street Team members who was called back to help with Cube Club.  In the strangest of coincidences, a woman that Adam’s wife grew up with was there to represent Panasonic.  Joel Simon from Nintendo of America was happy to give us an interview, and we’d also like to thank Chad from US Concepts for giving us a tour of the booth.

There is a lot of Cube Club coverage still to come.  So stay tuned throughout the weekend.

Daniel Bloodworth
Managing Editor