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The Lettuce Cat is so last week. Mock me for being behind the times. Lounge: Chill and talk about what is going on in your world

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Congrats Nickmitch!

Thanks, you guys! We're very excited!

--- Quote from: Adrock on February 15, 2022, 10:55:01 PM ---
--- Quote from: nickmitch on February 15, 2022, 09:27:52 PM ---I recently got engaged. It was over Christmas. Figured this was a good place to tell my favorite internet strangers.

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Strangers? Pfft, whatever, man. I thought we were cool. Conglaturationz, I guess.

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C'mon. We're still cool. You know?

Little update on Mesa.  They called and they told me they needed to go through some things and in a few days to a week they will call us again and let us know what is going on with the voucher.   Fingers crossed in a week or so we get the voucher.    Already packing up my room .  Got my books and CDS, DVDs and game cases packed.  I have a CD case with most of my CDs and I have my Switch case with my games in the case.  Just gotta wash my clothes and pack them away.  Before we go I can tape my dresser shut and just have most of my clothes in it.   Just have to go through my clothes in my door closet and then everything else I have is a vanity table, body sized mirror, side table and one chair and table.  Not to mention my bed of course.

So things are trending well with me with things.

Good luck with the move BShy. It is going to feel great when you get all settled into your new place.


--- Quote from: Bungle5 on March 02, 2022, 06:30:14 PM ---Good luck with the move BShy. It is going to feel great when you get all settled into your new place.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I am suppose to hear back from the Housing Athority this week so hopefully something comes of it. I will probably call them today or go out to them on Monday and see what is going on.


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