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Games Beaten, Completed, or Played in 2021

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Luigi Dude:
Well I only played the Switch in 2021 so every game on this list was the Switch version or on a collection of classic games on the Switch that contained these games.  Sorry but I won't give review numbers to the games I've beaten since many I can't really decide what score I'd give.  I'd prefer to just give my thoughts if asked about a certain game instead of labeling all of them with a number that might not accurately describe how I really felt.

Games I finished for the first time

Y's Origin
Yoku's Island Express
The Way Remastered   
Wild Guns Reloaded 
Wild Guns (SNES Version) 
Y's VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA 
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows 
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment 
Doom 64
Doom (2016)
Doom 3 
Steam World Heist
Cosmic Star Heroine
Blaster Master Zero 3
Onimusha: Warlords 
Hyper Light Drifter 
Guacamelee 2 
Super Hydorah   
Metroid Dread   
Okami HD   
Xenoblade 2   
Astral Chain   

Games I've already finished in previous years but replayed again

Donkey Kong County   
Donkey Kong Country 2   
Donkey Kong Country 3   
Super Mario World   
Yoshi's Island   
Mega Man   
Mega Man 2   
Mega Man 3   
Mega Man 4   
Mega Man 5   
Mega Man 6   
Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Mega Man 11
Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Blaster Master Zero 2
Castlevania 3
Super Metroid

Games I played that I enjoyed, but didn't finish because either I'm not good at the genre or certain aspects frustrated me too much to bother finishing them

Iron Crypticle 
Enter the Gungeon
R-Type (I just can't beat the final fucking boss)   >:(
Crypt of the NecroDancer
Lumines Remastered
Superbeat: Xonic
Joe and Mac

Games I played but didn't finish because they were so boring I couldn't make it more then a few hours before I wanted to fall asleep

Snake Pass
Shovel Knight: King of Cards
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair


--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on January 06, 2022, 04:33:18 PM ---Games I finished for the first time
Steam World Heist

Games I played that I enjoyed, but didn't finish because either I'm not good at the genre or certain aspects frustrated me too much to bother finishing them
Lumines Remastered

--- End quote ---

Luigi Dude, what did you think of Owlboy and Steam World Heist?
I have both, just wondering if I should move them up the backlog queue.

I also hit a wall with Lumines. It is really tough to complete, but I continue to peck away at the puzzle mode.


--- Quote from: AJBungle on January 05, 2022, 10:42:32 AM ---
--- Quote from: Khushrenada on January 03, 2022, 05:03:22 PM ---You played a bit more than that! We tackled some deep cut SNES stuff together earlier in the year. Doomsday Warrior, The Peace Keepers, Donkey Kong Country... But I understand you might not count that as true "backlog" games. I don't count them either myself. They're just bonus games to me.

--- End quote ---
Those were good times and I feel bad for leaving them out. One issue is I was not keeping track of them. We were playing through your console so I don't have the save files to remind me of which ones we completed and how long it took. We also played a Twin Bee game right?

--- End quote ---

We did Twin Bee in December of last year for sure. Don't know if that carried over to this year but it doesn't make a big difference. Save files aren't anything since they were done in two player and not single player although if you had wanted save files on your end I guess we've swapped back and forth a bit more when playing these. Off the top of my head, this is what all I recall playing with you:

Pop'N'Twin Bee - Finished
Super Tennis - Unfinished
Smash Tennis - Unfinished
Mario's Super Picross - Unfinished
Donkey Kong Country - Finished
Joe and Mac 2 - Finished
Doomsday Warrior - Finished
The Peace Keepers - Unfinished

I decided to boot up the system and scroll through the titles. Pretty sure that's everything we went through. I forgot there's some stuff that's been added I'd like to try out one of these days. Mainly I've just booted up the app to peck away at Super Picross. (And I'm still not done! I finished the Ultra Puzzles only for there to be more puzzles. This game....) That and DKC1. Got the itch to 100% after our playthrough.


--- Quote from: AJBungle on January 06, 2022, 05:08:32 PM ---
--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on January 06, 2022, 04:33:18 PM ---Games I played that I enjoyed, but didn't finish because either I'm not good at the genre or certain aspects frustrated me too much to bother finishing them
Lumines Remastered

--- End quote ---

I also hit a wall with Lumines. It is really tough to complete, but I continue to peck away at the puzzle mode.

--- End quote ---

Lumines, baby! It's the 2021 game for Switch it would seem. Started getting into last year and have also been getting rebuffed by its difficulty. *fist pump* Boo-yah!

I little while ago I was talking about it with the Pietriots and this is what I said at the time:

--- Quote ---Khushrenada
I was so close to finally starting and trying out Hollow Knight and the Metroid Dread came out and it was like, well, guess I got my Metroidvania fill.
Now I’m playing the PSP killer app Lumines
You had your chance Hollow Knight and Nintendo stabbed you in the back

lumines is basically the metroidvania of falling block puzzle games to be fair

I’m really impressed with Lumines. It’s pretty difficult though and I’m not a big “falling block” type gamer. Have only really gotten into Tetris and trying to get better at that in the past couple years because of Tetris 99.
However, Lumines seems to be the best puzzle game since Tetris.

yeah it's a tricky game to start with, especially timing when to match the blocks

Better than Puyo Puyo or Planet Puzzle League (or Yoshi  ) as far as I’m concerned

(i've never been able to figure out puyo puyo lol)

Or Meteos, one of the other few puzzle games I actually spent a lot of time playing
Just a bit better than Zoo Keeper DS as well.

zoo keeper!!
the secret best DS launch game

I mainly played Puyo Puyo via Kirby’s Avalanche on SNES. Actually made it to the final of Dedede. Didn’t defeat him. Gave up. Needed the rewind function but it didn’t exist at that time.
--- End quote ---

Now it's the killer app of the Switch, I suppose. Way back when the PSP and DS first came out, a friend of mine got the PSP soon after it launched (and felt pretty sure it would beat the DS  :P  >:( ) and he had Lumines for it. I got to briefly see it in action and might have even played it for 5 minutes or so. Can't really recall know but the he described it as being a bit hypnotic with its blend of music and falling puzzle action and I did like the look and sound of it from what I saw though that was just the first and maybe second skins I saw in action. A falling puzzle games with techno beats did seem like it could be a fun thing but that alone wasn't going to make me get a PSP.

Unclebob had a forum thread some time ago asking what game you most associate with a system. For instance, if someone said NES perhaps you immediately think of Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros. or some other game. For me, when I think of the PSP, Lumines is the first game I think of. I can think of a couple other games for the system that seemed alright but that brief experience with it and seeing Lumines basically has entwined the two together since I had very little other exposure to the system in the years after. When I saw it on the eShop, it got put on my wishlist and when I sale came along I finally dove in but still didn't get around to playing it out until this year.

I must say, I don't find it hypnotic. More frantic instead. Like you all seem to be posting. I also have been hitting a bit of a wall early on and having a hard time making more progress in it. I've been stymed in the Mission section by one Hard Mission in which I need to clear 150 blocks in 3 minutes. I was playing it again last night and got to 144. Urghhh! So close. Best I've done so far. A few days ago, it was 125 that was my best. So, there is some slight improvement there. I'm around 55% or 56% done the Puzzles and that mode has been alright. I'd like to unlock all the skins from the Challenge mode but I haven't been able to get past 45% for awhile now. Last night, I played it and bombed out at the skin just before the last one I've been able to get to. Played another round of Basic Challenge and was doing so much better. I was getting a bunch of one color left Bonuses and even cleared out all the blocks at one point around the 7 or 8 skin. It was the best early game management I'd done so far. And then it just started falling apart on me. The subtle jump in speed is still too much right now and I ended up defeated at the same lousy grey and purple skin that has been my furthest reach so far.

I know I need to be looking more at what's coming to already have an idea or start planning where I want to drop some of these blocks instead of reacting as they start falling but still need more practice there. Yet, the speed they start dropping makes difficult already to get them where I want in time even when I have an idea or know what's coming. Then there's the slider which can also have an effect on plans. Sometimes I have a block drop and split thinking this will now create a chain reaction only for that reaction to not happen because the slider was there and removed part of the blocks that had started to merge and ruined the expected chain reaction. I was expecting chill action not frustrating madness. Can't imagine what the speed would be like further into the challenge unless it just stays that way and it is about just being able to manage at that speed for a long time.

As well, I'd say that so far I've liked 40% or so of the skins I've encountered. Lot of stinkers in there which is also a bit disappointing. I guess they can't all be bangers like Shake Your Body or even the first skin. For now, I'll keep booting up the game from time to time and seeing if I can't slowly improve and chip away at it. Again, the base gameplay of mixing and matching squares is really well done and if that part wasn't as good and was more like Puyo-Puyo then I'd likely be writing off the game at this point.

Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: AJBungle on January 06, 2022, 05:08:32 PM ---Luigi Dude, what did you think of Owlboy and Steam World Heist?
I have both, just wondering if I should move them up the backlog queue.

--- End quote ---


The pixel art is amazing and I love the look of the world.  The gameplay on the other hand is kind of a mixed bag.  Some sections are really good and the game has some great boss fights as well.  But it's also filled with tedious puzzles throughout that go on longer then they have any right too.  The game is also filled with too much story if you ask me, that gets kind of cringy at times because of how over dramatic it gets at time.  This is made worse by the fact the ending is rather anti-climatic with the story setting up something big to happen, but then it literally just ends.  It feels like the developer ran out of money to make a final boss and real ending so they just slapped together whatever they could to give it some closure.

So it's an overall decent experience with some signs of greatness here and there.  It took me less then 10 hours to beat it, so it's not a very long game.  If your looking to get some games out of your backlog it should be a pretty quick one to get through since it's easy to get through in 1-2 days.

Steam World Heist

Now this game is amazing all the way through.  Very engaging strategy game with hilarious writing and characters.  Game has a good cast of characters with unique abilities, that give you many different ways to get through each mission.  I played the game on the 2nd highest difficulty option that the game even says is the recommended level and I thought the challenge was perfect.  Lots of times I was cornered but made a comeback thanks to one well aimed shot that created an opening for one of my characters to use their special ability to save the day.  I tried to replay the game on the hardest difficulty right after beating it but the hardest setting got too much into BS territory, so that's when I stopped.  Still there's many different difficulty settings so everyone has something to choose from.  I found the second highest to be perfect, but I'd imagine there's some who might find that too hard and fight the 3rd highest the best.  Either way, this game has something for everyone.

The only negative I have with this game is I wish there were more boss fights because the few that are in were so good.  I want to say it took me around 20-30 hours to beat it, but I also did all the missions which include optional hard ones. 

So this one is a longer time investment, but I'd say it's worth it.  Heavily Recommended


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