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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 4.

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--- Quote from: pokepal148 on November 24, 2021, 09:03:30 PM ---Everyone must be too busy checking out all the good deals on

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You know if I had a spare $99 I'd buy and put a gif on it. Dang cyber squatters.


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Now this I gotta see! Is it a miracle or an abomination? What are you calling this creature?

Well, fellow citizens. It’s time to blow this game wide open. With 8 players left, including two mafios and one vigilante, we’ll need to quickly narrow things down to pull out a win. But the question is: who is who?

Tophatant and Order.RSS were the first to go for Stevey last year, so they’re both likely townies with Stevey having been revealed as mafia.

Lolmonade and MASB started the vote against MKBungle, who we now know was the detective. This puts the suspicion on those two the most. But lolmonade did vote for Crimm, so there’s more suspicion on MASB.

But wait! Bungle himself put the vote out for insanolord. But why? Inside information? Or just general suspicion? And why was Wah so confident in joining him? Did Wah know anything at that time? Wah has laid pretty low this game, making me think he’s not super active and either threw out a vote for chaotic reasons or because he knew it was safe. Both are possible. But on two investigations, we can’t be too sure.

Speaking of insano, his vote is a little less suspect since he clearly needed the self-defense play. This alone wouldn’t swing anything either way. But the votes didn’t protect insano. The votes protected Stevey.

Going back a year, Crimm, mafia goon, votes for Luigidude in self-defense, making him innocent. A mafia goon wouldn’t throw another under the bus.

Then you have Perm, who’s retracted a vote that was toward the detective. But he’s also questioned every vote, including ones for Stevey, although he made good points. He’s playing like a townie, a cautious one, but a townie.

That just leaves me. And I’m innocent. You can trust me. Look at the votes.

So anyway. I’m going to vote MASB. I’m now open the floor to rebuttals.

The logic makes sense to me. MASB has been hiding out all game not casting votes, then resurfaces when it's time to help save Stevey.


Not a lot to go on right now, but I think nickmitch makes some good points. For right now at least I’ll Vote MASB.


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