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Joja Mart Grand Reopening (The Dead/RP Thread)

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The disadvantage of the vote reaching critical mass at night is there's no time for anyone to change their mind. Darn time zones!

Kinda slow at Joja Mart today. Think I'll put a nickel in the jukebox. Hmmm. Here's a song from my favorite country singer: Donald Duck!

"Oh, bury me thar
with my battered git-tar
a-screamin' my heart out fer yew!"

Bein' dead ain't so bad MKBungle! Joja Mart's better than the Wal-Mart meat section.

Joja Mart Ceo Bill Bezos is happy to contribute to the common human objective of space exploration instead of giving our money to trivial matters like "stopping Climate Change" or "ending world hunger." Not only does this ensure the future of the human race across the stars without doing anything for the ungrateful lot of moochers in the present but it also opens several business opportunities for us in the future.

Mop it up:
By the way, I had meant to comment that it's been a long time since I've seen the vigilante actually strike down a Mafia member, I can't even remember when this last happened. Typically the vigilante is too timid to act, so kudos to you TOPHATANT123 for taking a stab and getting it right!

I was going to say this when I died but didn't want to be yelled at for giving out info:
Vendetta Tophatant123 :ph:

Also the reasons for my vote off were bollocks. Playing for the items was just fun and I would have killed BS day 1, Poke day 2, & Tophatant day 3 if I had my way :P


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