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I'm breaking from the super thread. So, this will be a thread for "The Batman" and it's sequels.

So, The Matt Reeves Batman movie is starting to shape up. Affleck has been out for months. Robert Pattinson is now Batman, now to informally be referred to as Battinson or The Patman. The Batmobile will inevitably be known as the Patmobile(I always referred to My car as such actually)

Commissioner James Gordon is going to be played by the amazing Jeffrey Wright. My only question about this is how will he wear his facial hair. Will he do the traditional mustache, clean shaven like the TV66 version, or have a beard?

Jonah Hill is rumored to be in. I hear both rumors for Penguin or Riddler. I've also heard the rumor that he has the choice. This kind of reminds me of when Emma Stone was going to be Spider-man's love interest. Most thought she was going to play Mary Jane because she had red hair before, but she ended up playing Gwen Stacy. She would would have been pretty comic accurate either way. After watching Maniac I could see him as either character. There is also a rumor he'll be calendar man too. I am not too familiar with the character.

Other rumors/details about this movie: The movie will be structured like a detective movie , so Batman will be in every scene, and it won't shift perspective. Maybe it'll have a noir soundtrack? Supposedly based on The Long Halloween. I imagine it will only be partially based on that in the way Batman Begins was partially based on Year One or Infinity War and Civil War were based on those.

I'm looking forward to new details as they trickle out.

Fat Jonah Hill has the look for Penguin, but the comedic chops for Riddler.  Skinny Jonah Hill has a better look for Riddler, but could probably do Penguin better.  He's kinda stuck. :/

As for Jeffrey Wright, he should do mustache with five o'clock shadow.  That's the optimal Detective Gordon look.  The mustache is a choice, but the beard should look like a consequence of a job that keeps him at work for 18 hours a day.

I sometimes roll my eyes at identity-swapping characters, but Jeffery Wright would be a very good choice for Gordon. Older than Batman but not too old, tired, smart, but you can tell he's tough underneath it all.

If you haven't read the Long Haloween, the main characters in the story:

Harvey Dent and his wife
Calendar Man
The Falcone crime family

Most other Batman villains show up as well. I honestly think this would be tough one to do in one movie. It was originally a 13 part series, where each book was a holiday.

New Years
Valentine's Day
St Patrick's Day
April Fools Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Independence Day
Alberto Falcone's Birthday
Labor Day

I also heard the rumor that Jonah Hill wants a big paycheck. He wants 10 million. If he has to wear a fat suit or gain a bunch of weight that could be reasonable.

It's understandable that Mr. Hill would want a big paycheck. He's a double Oscar nominee with serious acting chops. Why take a Ben Affleck sized risk gambling your newfound status on a Batman project. Besides they're gonna make half a billion on it easily, regardless of quality, or double that if it's a good film. Might as well take a chunk out of that.

THAT SAID, I'm willing to cut Warner Bros. a good deal here. I'll gain a bunch of weight and play a penguin for just a measly 5 million Dollars! Heck, let's just mo-cap the whole thing, I'll do that for just 3 million!

Once in a lifetime opportunity here, WB.


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