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--- Quote from: pokepal148 on October 19, 2021, 12:46:20 AM ---So I heard Apple really... Stepped it up a notch with their laptop design.

--- End quote ---

Um, excuse me. A publication of ill repute called and requested that you take this post down due to a copyright claim on their recent headline.

My order has switched from saying December 2-9 to November 17-24, so I guess I was right to think they might have been being overly conservative.

insanolord, did you customize your 16” MacBook Pro? If so, what did you add?

I’m leaning toward the standard 14” model. The last MacBook Pro I bought was a 15” model in 2010 so a slightly smaller screen probably won’t kill me especially with the higher resolution and other advancements. In terms of hardware specs, the MacBook Air would be enough for my needs in a second computer. However, I want the SD Card slot and HDMI port (the significantly improved specs should help it last longer as well). The $500 savings and lower weight are the primary decision points for me.

I bumped it up to the lower Max chip, the 10 core with a 24-core GPU, with 32 GB of RAM and the 1 TB SSD. It's a lot of money, but I figure this is going to last me for a while, with my current one being 7 years old.

My new MacBook Pro got here today. I've only had it for a couple hours, but my first impression is it's very nice. Apple really streamlines the process of moving from one Mac to another, I was able to unplug the drive with my Time Machine backup from my old one and import it to the new one really easily, but there's still a fair amount of work involved in finishing the setup.


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