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Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition - List of Games Used

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Yep! We've already had a few, like Gunstar Heroes and Lords of Thunder!

Then consider my submission submitted!

Props to TYP for putting in the time and effort to compile this index. That truly is a monumental list, and it's more impressive when you consider that each game had 2 or 3 songs played, bringing the total pieces of music to somewhere between 500 and 600+.

Question: is there anyway to find out which episodes these pieces of music featured in? If not, I'm not suggesting you label each game with the episode number it was in, as that would be an ungodly amount of work. Just curious, because it would be interesting to know.

I've considered adding the Episode # to the list-o-games. I can easily add it, since I keep track of it, but was concerned it could be more of a spoiler than people want. I can imagine some listeners want to browse the "used" list without completely spoiling things by seeing the exact episode number. What do you guys think? Would you like mr to include episode numbers?

Yes, please. It makes it much easier to go back and listen to particular episodes.


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