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--- Quote from: broodwars on April 10, 2022, 08:16:16 PM ---I've been watching a lot of stuff lately, but there is one series I want to talk about in particular since I know we have some Community fans here. I could have sworn I saw talk about it on these forums, but neither the site's search engine nor Google could find anything. I just finished watching the 1st Season of Mythic Quest, a 2020-ongoing comedy series by Charlie Day that is currently streaming on Apple TV. It's basically "What if Community Took Place in a Game Development Studio?".

And it's the funniest goddamn thing I've seen in years.

The show revolves around an eccentric cast of game developers running a World of WarCraft-esque MMO, with egos and problems of the day cropping up to cause total chaos such as infighting over the implementation of a new game mechanic; infighting over increased monetization in the game (spearheaded by Community veteran Danny Pudi as basically the show's heel); the game's servers getting hacked; Kotaku running a story claiming the game has a Nazi problem (in probably the funniest...and most accurate...episode of the show); etc.

What's interesting is that as funny as the show is, it can also flip on a dime at times to do some really dramatic and heart-touching moments, such as an entire episode about the birth and death of an indie studio that's largely separate from the main cast. There's also an amazing episode that takes place within the 2020 pandemic that just captures the feeling of that moment so fantastically.

My one grip with the show is that some characters just don't seem to have much to do, namely Ashley Birch as a disgruntled lesbian QA tester. Yes, the lesbian part is important. It's the beginning and end of her character, at least in Season 1 as she spends the entirety of it pining for another QA tester. I also really wanted to see the put-upon HR manager and obviously-on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown Community Manager characters a lot more than their handful of appearances.

If you have Apple TV (or can sail the high seas), I highly recommend this show. This is JUST the show for people like us. It understands gaming, the writing is utterly on-point, and the performances are great.

--- End quote ---

I need to get back to that show. I've watched some of it and really enjoyed it, but for whatever reason drifted away from it. There are just so many things to watch these days.

The Dragon Prince

I've been meaning to reply to broodwars' post for a couple months now. This show is so infuriating that I started and stopped multiple times, watched other shows etc.

The Dragon Prince has pockets of good writing. As a whole, it's bad. There are multiple instances where characters hop on a soapbox and get really preachy. Y'all stall so much in this show that these speeches could be multiple conversations or entire scenes where characters do more than talk at the audience.

Here are some plot points that were handled poorly:

* Sarai disapproving of Viren and Harrow's plan to slay the Magma Titan then going along with it anyway was played off as loyalty, but it's a terrible lesson in a kid's show. She brought up so many good points then was like 🤷‍♀️
* Kasef's threat was so stupid. After Ezran decided Katolis won't join the other kingdoms against Xadia, Kasef's plan was to *checks notes* sacrifice soldiers in an invasion of Katolis before going to war with Xadia anyway.
* Ezran abdicating the throne was confusing to me. The writers glossed over a lot here. Ezran decreed that anyone who doesn't want to join the war doesn't have to then abdicated the throne. If Ezran knew Katolis was going to war anyway, he didn't have to abdicate the throne. I'm assuming it was part of the negotiation, but why? He's king. Tell them to deal with it.
* The soldiers who decided not to join the war ended up joining the war anyway. What the **** was the point of any of this?
* Ezran got to Storm Spire really easily.
* Harrow's revenge was some of the worst character work I've ever seen. Y'all invaded a foreign land that humans are banished from, killed a mythical creature for your own benefit, then are big mad because Avizandum (Thunder) defended his own lands and killed your queen. "I do hate him!" I GUESS! Why was any of the royal family even there? Y'all are really not going to take any accountability for your actions. No wonder Xadia hates you mofos.
* Why is Ezran flying that dragon?
* Viren's slow walk toward Zym was for dramatic effect. I still can't give them this. The Dragon Prince earned so little that stuff like this simply infuriated me.

* Callum got wings because of some hogwash about love then immediately knew how to fly. **** off. Also, Callum and Rayla knew each other for like a few weeks, maybe. Calling bullshit on being madly in love.
* Amaya being gay for Janai. What in the Stockholm Syndrome was this ****?
I actually have problems with some of the representation here. Black king, sure. Except he was benched in the second episode, easily manipulated by Viren multiple times, and repeatedly made really poor decisions in flashbacks. As a king, he was largely incompetent so not a good look. Lesbian queens of Duren, sure. Killed off almost immediately. Rayla was largely raised by a gay couple, sure. Almost bury your gays again because Viren trapped one of them in a coin. Runaan is apparently still alive.

I really hate Jack De Sena's voice. This is a me problem.

I agree with most of broodwars' criticisms on the previous page so I'll only comment on a few things:

--- Quote from: broodwars on February 25, 2022, 08:00:56 PM ---Dragon Prince, at its heart, is a road trip show, and yet it takes the characters until the THIRD season to actually GET anywhere. It's decompressed storytelling at its worst, usually driven by Idiot Plot, where the only reason the plot happens is because all the characters are Idiots and don't do the logical thing.
--- End quote ---
Yeah... that's apt. It's wild how little was actually accomplished in 27 episodes. Comparatively, Toph is officially introduced in Episode 26 of Avatar: The Last Airbender which is where the show really picks up. Before that, there were a couple episodes in Avatar's first season that felt like stalling. For the most part, the team kept moving and doing things so it never felt like they were stalling for long.

--- Quote ---And to top it all off, the show's worldbuilding is absolute ****, which is inconceivable considering this was made by most of the talented people who worked on Avatar (with the untalented ones going to work on Korra)
--- End quote ---

* For the most part, yeah. The Sunfire Elves and if I squint, Moonshadow Elves were the only ones that had any semblance of a distinct culture. Otherwise, they relied on brown skin tones, accents, and different clothes to give certain groups "culture."
* Are you sure the untalented ones worked on Korra? The Legend of Korra is flawed but far more competent and coherent than The Dragon Prince. In roughly the same amount of episodes, the Korra team gave us Beginnings Part 1 and 2 while nothing in The Dragon Prince so far touches those highs.
--- Quote ---I'm conflicted about the deaf aunt character. On the one hand, she's a cool character. I really like the way she takes charge & fights, and I'm a sucker for Paladin-type characters. On the other hand, her being a general in an army while deaf makes absolutely no sense, and the show never makes an attempt to address how a general who can't hear anything and is unable to quickly communicate with her troops would be an effective combat general.
--- End quote ---
Amaya was a point of contention for me too. She's a cool character on paper, but she doesn't work in practice. It’s as if the creators have no idea why Toph works and Amaya doesn't. Toph fit so well into Avatar: The Last Airbender's world. Of course, a blind person would be the world's greatest Earth Bender. Bending is how she sees. That's excellent world building. They relay so much information about Earth Bending by flipping the script and turning Toph's disability into a strength, by showing this.

If The Dragon Prince creators really wanted a deaf character to have a similar effect, it would have made more sense to tie Amaya to magic somehow. As a regular human, being an effective general is completely unearned.

I hate to say this after all the gushing I did about Season 1, but Season 2 of Mythic Quest really I don't know if it's because the season was written and performed during the pandemic so people weren't really inclined to be funny, or if the showrunners just didn't know where to take the show from here but this season really didn't work.

I think the real key to the 1st season's success was Poppi's freak-outs. I love her actress. She has a natural gift for comedic timing, and yet season 2 gives her absolutely nothing to do and nobody to react to. The season also pretty much abandons the "behind the scenes of a popular MMO" thing to give us really half-baked drama.

The show was renewed for 2 more seasons, but if this show is going to continue I hope the writers actually bring their A game next time.

On a side note, I also recently finished the 2nd season of Pacific Rim: The Black, and it's fine...I guess. The 2nd season is really lacking in the giant robot fights, and the plot is extremely rushed. Considering the shitshow that most Netflix shows seem to be going into their final seasons, I suppose it's some small miracle that this show has an actual ending at all, rushed and hand-waivy as it is. The show's still easily the 2nd-best Pacific Rim content behind the original movie, but that's mostly because Uprising screwed so many things up.

--- Quote ---Are you sure the untalented ones worked on Korra? The Legend of Korra is flawed but far more competent and coherent than The Dragon Prince. In roughly the same amount of episodes, the Korra team gave us Beginnings Part 1 and 2 while nothing in The Dragon Prince so far touches those highs.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, in retrospect you're probably right about that. I just don't feel as personally betrayed by Dragon Prince as I do about Korra. Korra is one of the most mean-spirited sequels I've ever seen. It's like the showrunners have an active hatred for Last Airbender and everything people loved about it, considering everyone except Katarra is dead; a miserable failure; hated by their own families; or some combination thereof.

Dragon Prince's writing flaws feel like incompetence. Korra's writing flaws feel like actual intended malice.

I just finished Severance on Apple TV+. Apologies if this has already been discussed here. This is one of my favorite seasons of TV of all time. It is up there with season 1 of Twin Peaks, Westworld, and Lost for me. It would be easy to compare this to the style of Charlie Kaufman and I think that is pretty fair, but he has never done a TV show so here you go. It is very dark and may mess with your head so be warned. Also there is self-harm, but the episode where this takes place has a special warning at the beginning. Just queue up something lighthearted to rinse off with after watching, like Ted Lasso. Now go get severed.


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