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Announcing Mafia #91: Hades!

What? The 91st forum mafia game, hosted by yours Narrating truly, themed around the 2020 game Hades.
Where? In the deepest levels of the Greek Underworld, where River Styx welcomes those who boarded near Feneos, there lies... the NWR forum.
When? Time is relative in the eternal toiling that is our (after)life. But May or June seems doable.
How? I've got two versions in mind, one simple, one more complicated. Depending how simple/complicated the upcoming games are, I will pick whichever is the opposite of what came before.
Why? Why indeed.

Before the game starts I'll run a poll to see how familiar folks are with this game. This'll make it easily understandable to everyone, regardless of whether they've played Hades. It'll also help decide how cagey I'll be regarding spoilers. 

--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on March 03, 2022, 12:45:43 AM ---Well it has been longer than a week and I just got news than in one week I will get more news on my housing voucher so I am going to wait to post signups for another week so I can see if I get a confirmation of a voucher and I can decide if I host a game or not.  If no news then I will post the signup thread and if there is good news on that I can forgo the game till after I am settled in again and someone else can host a game.

I am sorry for the delay but I want to make sure I give my full attention to hosting and what the game deserves.

--- End quote ---

Take your time Bshy, the game can wait. Good luck!


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