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Announcements / Re: Topic of the Day (2021 Edition)
« on: Today at 12:12:28 AM »
For today's topic, I thought it might be worth looking back at some of the games that have come out this year. For instance, the review of A Monster's Expedition. The review was done be forum game power player lolmonade and he gave the title a perfect 10. Perhaps it will also appeal to you if you are looking for something new to play off the eShop. Topic of the High Praise!

I have a question. Suppose I get the expansion pack for a year and then let it lapse. Do I still have access to the AC DLC?

This was the answer that was being sourced last Friday. To my knowledge, it is still correct.

I usually shop for them at The Girl Store. Maybe Wal-Mart if I'm looking to save money.

Alright. Some thoughts on the game. So, to get the player count up, I included TheFleece. I had sent him an invite and on Oct. 1, Friday, he said that he might be able to play depending on what currently had on the go and when it would start. I messaged back that it was happening the following Monday on the 4th but didn't hear back. Then I was debating if I include him or not. He seemed open to the idea. Last time, he was a last minute addition as well and ended up as the Godfather. He commented after that he didn't expect a role of that much responsibility after the Metroid game ended. I decided to take the chance and just include him as a townie this game. That way, if he was busy then it wouldn't require too much work for him to play or just be a very casual player. However, he never did log back on since the 1st. He ends up joining a small group of players signed up for a game who then miss the whole thing. Stevey in the Animal Kingdom Mafia game, Garnee around Mafia 16 or 17. Most famously Kirby_Killer_Dedede in Mafia 2 who ended up being the only winner.  8)

I included him on the optimistic side of hoping he'd be ok to play if he eventually logged on and saw he'd been included. And, if not, well we've had other games where some townie people bailed. My fault for jumping the gun and including him without an official answer. Turns out, he had an effect on the game. I really thought no one was going to go after him from the Mafia or Killer side because he wasn't around to vote but Crimm went for him on Day 3 and ended up finding that Thieving Slinker to lose the abilities he had acquired.

As for RABicle, I knew he had some other stuff in life going on. By the time the game finally started, it was much later than originally intended. As such, he was currently on a trip and then he had an exam coming up that he wanted to make sure he was prepared for. So, I asked if he just wanted to be a townie at the time I was doing the role assignments and he said yes. The time of the game limited his availability as well. Of course, in hindsight, it does seem like I'm putting the townie side at a disadvantage with two players who'd have questionable availability for the game. That said, there have been games with absentee players and the townies have still won so nothing is certain in these games. You never know how it will play out once in action.

That said, it did seem like a lot of people suffered in being able to participate much. Crimm seemed excited to join only to have a bunch of things which probably distracted him with credit card problem and live RFN show to handle. lolmonade also mentioned being away on the first weekend of the game. The weekend Dread released.

(I myself was also away for that weekend and back home late Monday. It made me just miss out the Tetris 99 Event. I suddenly remembered the Monster Hunter theme was happening and logged on. I had about 48 minutes to get it. Closest I came was 5th place in one match. The clock passed the deadline and I need 20 points to get it which would probably require another top ten finish or higher. I got eliminated around 42nd place just giving me 10 points and a total of 91/100 only for the theme to then disappear. First time I missed a theme in Tetris 99. Obviously this is the worst thing anyone suffered while this game was played.  :P)

Ah, but back to the point. I'd check with lolmonade after the night phase began on Discord since I knew he'd like see those messages to find out if he wanted to protect anyone. He mentioned that he should have more time to play around when Day 3 was going to start but I'm not sure if he did have more time or not. Not sure what happened to Stratos. He was one of the people who was pushing for another game to happen and signed on early for this. He was there Day 1 and then disappeared. Hopefully it is nothing too serious but I recall this sort of happened in Mafia 75. He was the King of Red Lions and disappeared after the first or second day. When the game later ended, it turns out there had been some family emergency ending up having to go to the hospital as they waited there a few days on that situation. Again, I hope it was a similar circumstance with this game.

On the first day and night of the game, I didn't hear anything from the vigilante ShyGuy but that didn't surprise me. I knew he'd probably be a cautious player with that ability but I had asked if players could notify me whether they'd be using their power or not. I decided to check in with him on Night 2 to see if he was planning on using it or not and it seems he had not realized the game had begun. I thought I'd made it clear it was about to happen when I first invited him but this game made me question whether anyone reads anything I post at all.

Meanwhile, ThePerm seemed ready and eager to play only to go out Night 1. Likewise, Insanolord kept checking in all throughout the game after being knocked out Night 1 so he may have been more active in the threads and games then what others were. Nickmitch also was much more active and in the game. All of these active players were knocked out early which I can't fault the Mafia and Luigi on since taking out active players and keeping inactive is still one of the top recipes for winning these games. It ruins the power of the townie vote and makes their ability to sway it stronger. All the Mafia members were quite active in the early going which hurt and helped a bit. A lot of members did get some focus and accusations by other players in the game but they were able to ride those out. Luigi Dude was the one with the most suspicion from his participation after Day 1 and he managed to escape the vote over the next 4 days.

Would things have turned out differently if a couple of those active players were townie and a couple more inactive were Mafia? Most likely as any game replayed with players in different roles will be different than the one before it but it doesn't necessarily mean the townies would win it in that hypothetical scenario. Mafia could still have won then too. You just never know with these games.

Still, I understand the frustration pokepal148 had as the game went on and so many players were hardly around with low participation. I had hoped a higher player count would offset that as there always seems to be a couple players that are busy in life when the game happens and hardly active but with more players around then hopefully there'd still be more activity happening. Plus, with how long the days are with the 48-hour voting period or so, the hope is that players that do get busy in real life are able to whether those IRL concerns and still be able to jump back into the game after a few days without missing too much or being stuck in a bad position. It just didn't seem to happen this game. Is this a sign of future games to come or just bad timing with this game? I suppose we'll find out with the next one.

But in general, if you want people to go along with your suspicions you should provide some kind of proof. Just saying "such and such person is suspicious" is not exactly a convincing argument (unless it's Khushrenada.)

That's right!

True. Kushrenada is always suspicious.

Ooooooooh. You're saying it's only convincing to claim Khushrenada is suspicious without offering proof. I thought you were saying it's only convincing if it comes from Khushrenada to say someone is suspect without offering proof. You know because of how well I've done in past games at sniffing out the suspects with little proof. Well, that's disappointing.....

And I see TVMan couldn't even bother to spell my name right......

As for Crimm investigations, I can fill you in on that which I was going to mention in my write up of watching things unfold. Crimm investigated pokepal148 on Day 2. You'll never guess who he investigated on Day 3 though! Order.RSS, a result he already should have known from inheriting Insanolord's investigation of Order.RSS from Day 1.

Townies should have known about Mop it up. Just look at her title!!
A title you gave me!

That's right! I warned the townies about you weeks in advance and they still didn't listen! Who else would know to warn people that far ahead? Pure Khushrenada.

Townies should have known about Mop it up. Just look at her title!!

Technically Steefosaurus was the one who let Mr. Bungle in.

Or as I now call him Steeposau.RSS

Therefore I assumed townies without roles were my targets. Very unlikely the killer survives as the last stand. I had known Pokepal's role since night 2 or 3 but figured "eh whatever." Losing the detective sucked but I had a lot of the info I needed...except the rules.

I figured that was your strategy after not bothering to go after pokepal for the vote manipulation power and you targeted another townie instead. You took out 4 of the 7 townies in the game but the one townie the Mafia hit turned out to be the one with the Dark Moon. Targeting the townies is a high risk / high reward strategy though. Two of the townies had negative items. As well, losing regular townies makes it harder for the killer to conceal themselves as role townies can usually group together easier since people rarely claim to be a townie with a role and then be caught in a lie. Getting the Kung Boo treasure of being able to find out which player has the Dark Moon crystal in their possession might be the best route if it can be pulled off.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Future Mafia Games
« on: October 18, 2021, 11:35:20 AM »
Currently, I have updated the OP to show that I have Mafia 87, 88 and 90 queued up with what I want to do. Not sure about 89 yet. Right now my expectation is that I'll be hosting it also but I'll leave the slot open for now in case anyone gets the urge to host a game.

As well, it should be noted that if any host wants to do a game like I did with Mafia 75 in which I created brand new accounts for all the players so that the game was done sort of blind without knowing who was who that option is open to you as well. I can help you get all that set-up. The bonus is that by having the passwords to all the accounts then the host can go into each one and see what is happening with all the private messages. Ho ho! Behind the scenes drama!

I mention this because I'll probably do another game like that myself at some point if we keep this a regular thing.

We know what items are tied to the players with roles. For the record, here is the list of items tied to the Ghost players for this game:

BeautifulShy - Suction Shot
MASB - Ice Elemental Medal
nickmitch - Dark Moon crystal
Order.RSS - Polterpup
RABicle - Strobulb
Stratos - Fire Elemental Medal
TheFleece - Thieving Slinker

Announcement Post


RABicle - Ghost (Killed by Day Vote)
BeautifulShy - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)
Crimm - Luigi (Killed by King Boo Mafia)

That means there are 4 Mafia Members and 3 Townie members left in the game. Wait a minute.....

Win Conditions

Mafia:Must have the Dark Moon crystal in their possession and Luigi and Gooigi must be eliminated from the game. They do not need to eliminate all the townies but can win by equaling or exceeding the amount of townies left in the game provided they meet the above win conditions. 

Equaling or exceeding the amount of townies? That's a checkmark.
Eliminating Luigi and Gooigi? King Boo has taken out both. That's two checkmarks.
Having the Dark Moon crystal in their possession? That's..... also a checkmark! nickmitch was the ghost in control of the Dark Moon and the Mafia acquired it when they took him out.

That means THIS GAME IS OVER!! It's a


The King Boo Mafia has gotten the win and done so with a perfect Mafia victory losing no members in the process. Congratulations to:

Luigi Dude - King Boo
Mr. Bungle - Kung Boo
Mop it up - Boogie Woogie
TOPHATANT123 - Boo B. Trap

The remaining players were:

pokepal148 - Grouchy Possessor
ShyGuy - Ug
Stratos - Ghost

Well, I hope you were able to have some fun out of this game after a long absence since out last Mafia game. If not, well, the good news is you may not have to wait too long for the next game. I'll have sign-ups for it in a few days as I hope to have it start for Nov. 15 next month. In the meantime, everyone is now free to say all they want to about this game good and bad and what they were thinking as it happened.

Story Post. What story?

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Sales Panic: September 2021 US NPD Group Results
« on: October 18, 2021, 10:18:32 AM »
"ending the Switch's 33 month reign"


And it was three months away from three straight years of staying number one. In fact, it's probably begun this run very close to the time rumours of a Switch upgrade started happening in earnest. Switch OLED stopped those rumours and look what happened! Looks like we need to start predicting there will be a Switch 2 coming out this holiday season to get it back on track.

Well, hope you enjoyed your weekend and made the vote you wanted to make. Let's see what you decided to do:

Final Tally

RABicle - 6 votes
Luigi Dude - 2 votes

Wait 8 votes? Amazingly, it turns out that RABicle and ShyGuy also voted RABicle as well. And here you thought they were being quiet....

And yes, the Majority Vote of 6 was reached but it would have only ended the day 90 minutes earlier so I let it continue on to its deadline in this case just to keep the time pattern on track. We'll call it Host's Privilege.

And now we turn to the Night Action phase. You have 12 hours from the time stamp of this post to send in your actions for those that can do so.

Announcements Post


Stevey - Hellen Gravely (Killed by the Vote)
lolmonade - Vincent Van Gore (Killed by the King Boo Mafia)
Order.RSS - Ghost (Killed by Luigi)

Order.RSS had a polterpup hanging around him. When Luigi sucked him away, the polterpup attacked Luigi but there were no items on Luigi so all polterpup could stead was his dignity and then ran away.

King Boo Mafia is putting the squeeze on the other players. And yet, while a win may be starting to look harder for the other factions, in this game one never knows. There's still a lot of ways this could all shake out.

Game Time: The Day 5 Vote will have about 48 hours to play out. Nothing like playing on the weekend, right? Everyone loves that. If no majority vote is reached then the day will end at 11:00 PM EST Oct. 17 aka 8:00 PM PST Oct. 17 aka 11:00 AM Perth Time Oct. 18.

Majority Vote: With 10 players left in the game, the number of votes needed for a Majority Vote against a target is 6.

Well, depending on how things play out, the Mafia could win this game when Day 6 rolls around but there are keys to victory that could prolong game to if they aren't accomplished. Will they pull it off or will things fall apart?

Game is back on.

Story Post

Announcements / Re: Topic of the Day (2021 Edition)
« on: October 15, 2021, 12:54:15 PM »
Today's topic is the sticker shock of Nintendo's Online Expansion Pack Plan. Oooooee, has that got people talking. Topic of my money on my mind and my mind on my money.

Day 4 is now in the books. Let's see what was decided.

Final Tally

Stevey - 6
Crimm - 3

Almost a majority vote today. Just one away. But, wait! I counted 5 votes for stevey and 1 for pokepal148, you might be saying. Well that is because you couldn't see what I can see and that stevey's vote for pokepal148 was changed to a vote for stevey. Oh, the irony.

Night actions are due in 12 hours from this post.

No real reason other than them being the first to vote against me yesterday, but Vote Pokepal. 

Friendship ended with Vote Pokepal, now Vote Crimm is my best friend.

So, here we have a case of another changed vote that doesn't follow the rules set out in the Rule thread in which everyone followed pokepal148's advice of TL;DR. Fortunately, I'm ignoring the results of the poll about how to count votes when improperly changed and am currently counting lolmonade's vote as a vote for Crimm. Just wanted to make that clear to anyone who may be going through the thread to see what votes have been cast.

As a reminder, there is just over nine hours left in the day.

They're purr-obably after the Dark Moon.

Yep. That is the case most likely.  It goes into sudden death the next day if Luigi gets the Dark Moon Crystal.

The interesting part about the crystal though it can swap hands on a successful vote out if said player voted out has the crystal it passes to one of the players voting for them.

So it is possible that one of the vote outs the crystal has passed hands to either the townie or Mafia side.

Just to clarify this point. Let's say Khushrenada has the Dark Moon crystal. (Yay!) Unfortunately, the players do a terrible move and vote Khushrenada out. (Boo!) Khushrenada is eliminated from the game and one of the people who voted Khushrenada would get the crystal. But what if Khushrenada was protected from the vote? In that case, he would still keep the Dark Moon because he wasn't eliminated. (Double Yay!!) The crystal is only passed on if the vote eliminates the player not if the player survives the vote.

So to clarify, the ice medal is just gone furever, is that correct?

Correct. There is no way for Luigi to get back the Virtual Boo or Ice Medal now.

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