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--- Quote from: Dinar87 on May 05, 2024, 04:30:44 AM ---Day 627. There is little water, no food and definitely no nintendo directs.

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There is a Direct announced, now somebody get Dinar some food and water!

Luigi Dude:

--- Quote from: broodwars on May 07, 2024, 06:59:21 PM ---You have to figure Prime 4 is Switch 2-bound at this point.

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I still think it's about 50/50.  It depends on how much progress Retro made on the game before Nintendo started getting serious on Switch 2 development.  I mean, something like Fire Emblem Engage was literally done around a year before release but Nintendo intentionally sat on the game because they wanted to get the 3 Houses Warriors game out first before starting a new mainline installment.  Plus Tears of the Kingdom was done in 2022, but they spend the next year just bug testing to make sure everything worked right.

So if Retro managed to have this game mostly done by last year, then I could see Nintendo sitting on it to release in the second half of this year once they realized the Switch successor wouldn't be out in 2024.  Otherwise if there was any major delays, then I expect it was moved to the Switch Successor as soon as it's dev kits became available.

“Rumors” stated that Prime was in “cinematics phase” not too long ago, but we should always take that with a grain of salt. If Prime 4 ends up on Switch 2, it won’t be getting a sale from me… until the console proves it has weight. I am not tossing around the rumored fee of entry until I see tangible proof of some third parties in the device, as Nintendo’s lineup isn’t going to be immediately appealing out of the gate. I find it unrealistic to expect something from Monolith Soft in launch year, we definitely won’t get another Zelda anytime soon, and 3D Mario needs to be more like 3DWorld/Bowser’s Fury and less like Odyssey to get me interested.

Well looks like we're getting a june direct. Hope we see prime 4there.


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