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Gods Will Fall - Buyer Beware


In my attempt to reach the most broad audience possible, beware of this title purchase. I've had nothing but frustration since I purchased this in February of this year. Namely, when you're in a boss domain, you're subjected to random crashing which freezes activity. There's no known way to get around it, and I've tried multiple methods offered to include factory resetting my switch. It's not a switch issue, it's something in the software. The developer has indicated this title is no longer being supported, so please do not spend over $5 for this title. Even if you do spend that amount, expect the game to never be able to be completed, let alone a single boss domain. These seem to be the most-affected realms: Boadannu, Lochlannarg, and Krannus, though I've seen it in Carnoccous' as well. It's very frustrating to make great progress only to be "killed" due to a random software bug!  >:(


Never heard of this game. Probably for good reason then.  8)


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