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What will Nintendo release in 2024?

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Welcome to the 2024 predictions thread, where we distribute points and eternal glory!
How it works: please post 1-10 Nintendo related things you think will occur this year, that's it!
Previous threads: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

I will try to update this thread with all the major Nintendo releases of the year.
Here's what we know so far:

2024 Games/Software
- Another Code: Recollection January 19th.
- Mario vs. Donkey Kong February 16th.
- Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! February 21st. (GameFreak publishing).
- Princess Peach: Showtime! March 22nd.
- Endless Ocean Luminous May 2nd.
- Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door May 23rd.
- Luigi's Mansion 2 HD June 27th.
- Nintendo World Championships - NES Edition July 18th.
- Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket 2024.
2024 Hardware/Major merch
- amiibo: Noah. January 19th.
- amiibo: Mio. January 19th.
- amiibo: Sora. February 16th.

2024 DLC (paid/free)
- Splatoon 3 - Expansion Pass: Wave 2 - Side Order February 22nd.

2024 Nintendo Switch Online / Services / Mobile
- Sunset: 3DS & Wii U online services end April 8th.
- Games added to NSO Retro apps:
* Golden Sun GBA. January 17th.
* Golden Sun: The Lost Age GBA. January 17th.
* Snake Rattle 'N' Roll NES. February 21st.
* R.C. Pro-Am NES. February 21st.
* Battletoads in Battlemaniacs SNES. February 21st.
* Killer Instinct SNES. February 21st.
* Blast Corps N64. February 21st.
* Dr. Mario GB. March 12th.
* Mario Golf GBC. March 12th.
* Mario Tennis GBC. March 12th.
* F-Zero: Maximum Velocity GBA. March 29th.
* Super R-Type SNES. April 12th.
* Wrecking Crew '98 SNES. April 12th.
* Amazing Hebereke SNES. April 12th.
* Marvelous: Another Treasure Island Super Famicom. April 12th. JP only.
* Extreme-G N64. April 23rd.
* Iggy's Reckin' Balls N64. April 23rd.
* Super Mario Land GB. May 14th.
* Alleyway GB. May 14th.
* Baseball GB. May 14th.
* The Frog For Whom The Bell Tolls GB. May 14th. JP only.
* Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge GB. June 7th.
* Mega Man II GB. June 7th.
* Mega Man III GB. June 7th.
* Mega Man IV GB. June 7th.
* Mega Man V GB. June 7th.
Announced projects without dates/beyond 2024
- Cruis'n Blast - Online Multiplayer & DLC TBA. Announced December 2021. (Nintendo owned IP).
- Metroid Prime 4 TBA. Announced June 2017/January 2019.
- Pokémon Legends: Z-A 2025.
- Untitled live-action Zelda movie TBA. Announced November 2023.
- Untitled Nintendo Switch successor hardware TBA. Announced May 2024.
- Untitled Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel April 3rd 2026.

2024 Directs
- Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase February 21st.
- Pokémon Presents February 27th.
- Indie World April 17th.
- Nintendo Direct June.

* You may submit between 1 and 10 predictions for the year.
* If you write your predictions in numbered list/bullet point format that’d be helpful, but it's not required.
* You get 1 point for being right, half a point for being half-right.
* You have until the first Direct of the year (probably in January of early February latest) to submit predictions. Obviously we can continue speculation afterwards, but it won't net you any tasty points.
* No points for guessing stuff we already know! See what we already know… in the post above!
* Non-predictions or super safe ones (e.g.: "Nintendo will not colonize the Moon and pivot to selling Moonrocks") may be awarded no or negative points at the jury's discretion.
Look at all these previous satisfied customers, order now!

2023 Leaderboard:
Mop It Up: 5½ points [WINNER]
Nickmitch: 5½ points [WINNER]
Luigi Dude: 5 points [BRONZE]
M.K. Ultra: 5 points [BRONZE]
Adrock: 4½ points
Stratos: 4½ points
SafeKhushrenada: 4 points
Lemonade: 2½ points
MadnessKhushrenada: 3 points
BoldKhushrenada: 2 points
Order.RSS: ½ point
NotKhushrenada: -8 points

Lifetime achievements ranking:
M.K. Ultra: 20 points
Nickmitch: 17 points
Mop It Up: 15 points
Luigi Dude: 12 points
Stratos: 10 points
Safe Khushrenada: 9 points
Adrock: 8 points
MASB: 6 points
Khushrenada: 5½ points
Order.RSS: 5½ points
TopHatAnt: 5 points
Insanolord: 4 points
Bold Khushrenada: 3½ point
Lemonade: 3½ points
Madness Khushrenada: 3½ point
Pokepal: 3½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Oedo: 2 points
Fawful: 1 point
Broodwars: ½ point
Evan_B: ½ point
Kairon: ½ point
Shaymin: ½ point
NotKhushrenada: -8 points

Here are my predictions for 2024:

* Nintendo's next video game console will be announced in the summer and released in the fall
* This new console will support backwards compatibility for Switch games, but not for Switch joy con
* The new console will be a hybrid console like the switch, however, there will be a way to use the screen on the console as a second screen while playing on the TV
* One of the games for the new console will be Super Mario Odyssey 2 and will release this year
* Another game for the new console will be a game from Good Feel using an existing Nintendo IP
* Another game for the new console will be Mario Kart 9
* Square Enix will announce an HD2D version of Chrono Trigger
* Concerning the games we already know about, I predict that Paper Mario TTYD will release before Luigi's Mansion 2
* For the Nintendo Switch Online service, Conker's Bad Fur day gets put on the N64 expansion pack
* Finally, following the commercial success of the Super Mario Bros. movie, we get a trailer for the Donkey Kong Movie
If any of these feel too vague or obvious let me know and I would be glad to spice them up.

Here's what Mr. GlubGlub submitted via Discord:

--- Quote from: Mr. GlubGlub ---I heard lots of remakes so I stand by a F-Zero GX remake this year
Switch 2 will be released in the first half of 2024
No Metroid Prime 4
Mario 64 remake
Bonus points: Kirbys Dream Course remake

--- End quote ---

We've also gotten the news regarding Golden Sun 1 & 2 hitting NSO on January 17th, so those are ruled out for future prediction submissions.

--- Quote from: M.K.Ultra on January 13, 2024, 12:50:49 PM ---If any of these feel too vague or obvious let me know and I would be glad to spice them up.

--- End quote ---

These are great, thanks for getting the ball rolling!

Should get my own in too while there's still time. I expect a Direct possibly as early as February 8th, so if anyone else wants to join, keep that in mind as a rough deadline until we know more details.

* Switch 2 will be announced in September 2024, for a March 2025 release. The name will be Nintendo Shift. Their stock price drops 9% following the announcement.
* NES Remix gets a sequel, called SNES Remix.
* Mario vs. Donkey Kong turns out to feature extensive amiibo support, causing spikes in prices for various out of print figures.
* Nintendo will publish the new Yacht Club Games title Mina the Hollower in in order to acquire limited time console exclusivity.
* NSO adds Turbografx-16 to the Expansion Pack tier in October. It launches with Bonk 2, Bomberman 93, and Castlevania Rondo of Blood.
* There will be a significant DLC expansion for Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door that somehow upsets the fanbase.
* This year's Kirby game is a port of Kirby Battle Royale (3DS), revamped as a free-to-play release, with a convoluted monetization scheme.
* Reviews for Princess Peach Showtime will sit around a 72 average.
* NSO adds the following games to its GBA lineup: Mario Pinball Land, Drill Dozer, and Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire.
* Recycling this one from last year: Mario & Sonic at the 2024 Paris Olympics is announced. Luigi wears a beret in the trailer, and Yoshi eats an entire baguette.


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