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Nintendo Year in Review 2023

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Ian Sane:
My top one was Tears of the Kingdom with 260 or so hours.  It's funny looking at the month-by-month breakdown.  January and February was Pokemon, March was Chaos;Head, April was SMT V (which I've been playing on-and-off for a while now) and then May it's Zelda and that remains until the end of the year.  It's crazy to think of one game dominating so much of my play time.

Another amusing trend was seeing my total time drop significantly starting in September.  The reason is obvious - football.  Typically Sunday afternoon is a good time for me to play videogames but with the NFL eating up that time instead I lose significant hours in the later months.

The one game on here I have played is the Mega Man collection. I only played the first Battle network game but really appreciate its existence, having not owned a GBA.

I also played Tears of the Kingdom and Mega Man Battle. But personally, I don't rate these games as highly as the Pokemon or Sonic games.


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